Sunday, February 23, 2014

10 Steps To Getting Into The Now

Have you ever felt stuck?  

Have you ever felt like your life is in a rut? 

Well a rut is a casket with both ends kicked out and Spirit never intended for you to experience life in a rut.

I felt trapped at one point in my life, feeling like I had no where to turn. I remember a Wayne Dyer tape I had many moons ago and he taught about getting into the now and creating a peak experience. While I was processing my life the Spirit spoke to me about getting into the now and learn to work it into my actions and thought process. I had the concept; but, it was only a theory. So, I was impressed to develop a list and to go over the list everyday. After about 30 days of working on the list I began to experience a quickening in my Spirit. The list helped me work the concept into my mindset and reap the benefits of living in the now. Soon everyday became a peak experience.

I found the list to be a excellent tool to develop clarity and align my thoughts towards living life in the present moment.


The list proved to be an amazing tool to meditate, process my life and record my findings in a journal.


Think about it; all we have is right now. The past is a canceled check, the future is promised to no one, and living in the now is our only option. I designed these steps to help me get into the now and to not drift into the future. Over thinking about the future can cause you to drift into worry. That's why Jesus said, " Do not worry about your life." If we worry, we will attract the very stuff that we worry about into our life. It's okay to have dreams concerning your future; but the only way to reach those dreams is to empower the now.

The list helped me get out of that rut and rid myself of that "Stuck Feeling". If you feel stuck I challenge you to follow the steps for 30 days and believe for your transformation. This list is straight from my journal and it was a powerful tool I wish to pass on to you.

The Ten Steps

  1. Accept where you are and understand you created this. Accept responsibility for your now.
  2. Pay attention to what you have attracted into you life and ask: what are the lessons that the people, events and the signs that appear into my life say to me?
  3. Focus on: what is right in my life right now?
  4. Focus on: what do I love in my life right now?
  5. Focus on: what do I have to be grateful for?
  6. Focus on: what is my vision and my hope?
  7. Focus on: what is my joy?
  8. See my day as a gift to be thankful for. Life is a day at a time project.
  9. Step outside of the emotion of life. Don't worry, be a happy hippie. 
  10. Don't drift into the future. Bring your attention back to the now. 


 Record your findings in a journal. Your goal is to become aware what is going on right now in your life. 


 Follow these 10 Steps and make everyday a peak experience.

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