Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to attract your soulmate: the secret of the list!

What if you could attract your soul mate? 

If you clicked this post you must be searching, aren't you? If you are searching then I can answer the above question with a big YES! 

That yearning for someone special is a sacred calling from your higher self....seeking to unite with a kindred soul. The feelings of yearning, being alone, is a mere signal from your Spirit Dude telling you there is more for you to experience.

I was stuck in marriage for 22yrs and that marriage was based more on my natural mind trying to make the right decision. I was a young youth minister and I was given an outline from my tribe on the proper way a young man of God should chose his spouse. The bad thing was I bought it hook-line-and-sinker. One of the things was she should be talented; a talent that would enhance your ministry. Like she could sing, or play the piano, a real show pony to parade around on the stage. I found that show pony with an amazing voice and the minute I walked in our new home I found myself sitting on my bed thinking "what have I done?"

The Church I was affiliated with didn't dig divorce and they treated people who had been divorced as second class citizens and they were not allowed to hold any position of leadership.So this little career in the ministry I had carved out since I left my life as a teenage hooligan would be over. No more salary, no more housing allowance, no more expense paid "Minister Trips". and no more perks for being a man of the cloth. I had seen guys get a divorce and then had to land a gig at sears. It's hard to replace your gig as a Minister, cause you don't see too many ads in the paper wanting someone to expound Hebrew and Greek. 

I felt stuck.

I was never really happy.

She wasn't a bad person, just not the right person. So 22 years later we got the big divorce and I headed out on a new journey. All the guys at work encouraged me to sow my wild oats. They said, "Your free man, go out and slay as many as you can." Yet I still felt my soul mate was out there, and the sense of her was getting stronger. So one night I made out a list of everything I wanted in a soul mate. It contained 44 items. I listed the traits, the characteristics and the desires I wanted in a relationship. I read the list every morning and once before I went to bed. Then I would place the list under my pillow and project my desire into the universe before I went to sleep. I continued this practice for 30 days. 

I had to then wait for the universal law to deliver.

Sounds easy, right?

During the time I started playing music in the local pubs and began processing my dark side. I wrote a ton of songs and hosted a singer songwriters acoustic jam at a local blues club. Then the my Spirit Dude showed me a secret to manifesting my soul mate. I look at it like a doorway I had to acquire the key to unlock it's passage to my manifestation. 

My Spirit Dude spoke very clearly concerning the "Secret To My List"

That if I truly wanted to attract my soul mate I had to remain celibate and pure. I had to pass through a spiritual doorway; a threshold of vibration before I could find my soul mate. It further showed me that my soul mate was beyond the doorway and once I passed through my soul mate would be there. I promised spirit I would be a good little boy.

Sounds easy, right?

It did to me until I discovered that Chic's in clubs like to sleep with musicians. I had to fend off tons of chances to sow my wild oats and took a lot of cold showers. I kept my little boy where he belonged and wait patiently and hard pressed till the universe delivered. The universe has a sense of humor, because I spent most of my time playing in Blues clubs.

The my Brother died and I began my process of walking the valley of the shadow of death. When he Died a shift happen and I found myself standing at the doorway. I discovered my soul mate: Miss Randi Freelove. What a cool name, right?

Miss Freelove started out as my friend. We were friends for around 6 months. She hung around my crew and attended most of my gigs. We would often sit at the bar and talk for hours. I would be trying to meet women, but would always return to hang with her. I started to fall and love and after my brother's death I decided to make my move to leave the friend zone. I grew a pair and told her how I felt. Within a few days we where were together and still have; many years later, a crazy love affair.

I once asked her if I would have slept with all those women, would she still have hooked up with me. The answer was a "BIG NO!" My Spirit Dude had and plan and knew my soul mate was right by my side all those months and I didn't even know it. It also showed her that I really wanted something special and I turned down so many one night stands that trust has never been an issue in our relationship.

She was well worth the wait. We went on an amazing Spiritual journey and became Man and wife; but I still refer to her as my girlfriend. I also refused for her to change her last name. Cuz if you have a name as cool as "Freelove" how do you make the girl drop it?

Shortly after we moved in together I was going through some old boxes and I found the list that had been there dormant for 6 months. Out of the 44 items on the list Miss Freelove matched them all. The Law of Attraction can reach father than any online dating site. We are all connected and my secret list attracted the soul mate of my dreams. We moved in together and never even went on a traditional date.

Make your list, follow your heart, wait patiently, and the universal law will deliver.  

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