Friday, February 14, 2014

The Difficult Times Guide

What do you do when life get's crazy?


Have you ever wondered:

What am I going to do?

Life will get can't avoid it!

Jesus said that in this world we would face tribulation and difficult times. He then instructed us to be of good cheer. How do you have good cheer when it seems your life is going down the toilet?

When we are in the heat of life's battles we demand to know "How am the hell am I going to get out of this one?" When we don't know things are going to "Work Out" we drift into a line of thought where we wonder:

What if things don't work out?


What will I do? 

 Our minds are quickly overtaken by all these horrific thoughts concerning our fate. We tend to see things going bad.

They say a negative thought is like a bird flying over your might fly bye, but you don't have to let it build a nest in your hair.

How many times have you faced a problem, worried day and night over your horrific fate, to only discover that things turned out okay, or not as bad as you thought? 

Negative thoughts will nest in your mind. They will make you  think life is crazy and you are headed nowhere fast.

The key is to renew your mind. 

You renew your mind when you cast down negative thoughts and replace them with positive. The real battle field is in your mind. Like Ernest Homes said, "Where the mind goes the power flows." You have the power of selection and can't control the thoughts that dominate your mind.


 I see things going well! 


When faced with the circumstances of your life, how do you see things going? Do you think the worst, worry and fret?

Why the hell do you do that?

Why do you work yourself into a state of fear?

You have made it this far and you have been through many hard times where things didn't turn out as bad as you thought!

Next time you are faced with a difficult trail say to yourself: 

I see things going well. 

Create a positive picture in your mind of your outcome. Be of good cheer, knowing that you can overcome all things. Don't allow worry to set up shop in your mind, cast down all negative thoughts and begin to see things going well. 

We become what we think about.

Jesus said that in hard times be of good cheer. Now just how do we do that? I struggled with this for quite some time. I knew the words of Christ in concept, but really didn't have it in practice. I on one hand wanted to trust God and on the other hand I struggled with doubt. That's called being a double minded man. A double minded mind will receive nothing, because his thoughts of faith are tainted by doubt. You must develop this inner knowing that all is well. That through my Faith in God, faith in my Inner Power, I can overcome all things. That I am not of this world and only a visitor passing through the experience. That all my needs are met.

So how do I be of good cheer?

In everything give thanks.

Exercise gratitude.

Forgive others.

Send love to others.

This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

See things going well!

Rock this experience! 



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