Friday, February 28, 2014

How to wait for your soul mate: Part one of a five part series

 Are you ready to attract your soul mate?


Sometimes waiting for that person you dream about becomes frustrating. You wonder "is there really anybody out there for me?" It hits home when the dating pool of life drowns all your hope. It seems like a hopeless search with no real takers in your world.


The more you search...the more you push it away!


 The process really knocks you down when something like Alanis Morissette said in her song "Ironic" 

"It's meeting the man of my dreams...and then meeting his beautiful wife."



To attract your soul mate you must renew your mindset. You are going to have to shut off the negative voices in your head.


When are you going to settle down and get married? Have you met anyone yet? Why don't you try one of those online dating sites? I know a nice person at work, do you want me to hook you up? Gee, I wish you could find somebody to make you happy.

Have you ever heard this?


We are made to believe that if you are not in a relationship that you are somehow deficient, that you are somehow falling short, and made to feel like something is lacking in your life. Your mind and the negativity tells you that it is hard to meet and find the right person. The people around add pressure by giving you advice or trying to help you be happy.

The pressure makes you feel insecure and you start believing all these little lies.

I wish I could find somebody!

All the good ones are taken!

I always attract the bad guys!

I have been hurt and I don't trust, why can't I find a good mate!

Men are dogs!

Women only care if you have money!

If I could find someone, Life would be better!


The universal law is very simple. What I put out through my thoughts, words, actions and feelings, is what I will get back. You know this! Right?


Be clam and understand this concept. You don't attract your soul mate to repair your deficiencies. You can't be deficiency motivated. You can't look at your life and think man I have all these deficiencies and I need to repair them quick. If you focus on what is deficient, then you will attract more deficiencies. 

Like attracts like right?

You are not DEFICIENT! 

You came into this earth plane as a single divine idea. You in yourself are whole and complete. While you wait on your soul mate you must rest inside your divine wholeness. There is something very special about you and that specialness is the magnet that is going to attract your soul mate. 

Let me repeat that:

Your Specialness is the magnet that is going to attract your soul mate!


Write that one down. Slap it on the fridge. Slap on your mirror. When you see it remind yourself that you are special...unique...beautiful...a divine creation of the God force. 

Can you look in the mirror and say: "I love You" and really mean it?

If not,  that is your first assignment. To learn to love yourself before you find somebody to love. If you love yourself you will not tolerate being mistreated by anyone in your life. If you are desparate then you will put up with a lot of bullshit in fear of losing love. 

The fear of losing love only manifest the losing of self-respect.

If you are going to walk this path you have to become very good at waiting. During the waiting process in seems that we are not getting anywhere. Yet it is during the battles and the waiting that we experience our growth spurts. We just don't see it till the smokes clears.

If your soul mate is not in your life it is not time to work at finding is time to work on you! You are worth it and your spirit has put you in this place to discover the beauty of your personal power. Don't worry about finding, focus on arriving at the place within yourself...once you find you, your soul mate will find you. 

You are okay!  Spirit has a plan!  Just wait!  The promise inside you will deliver!  

Part of my mission is to equip you to attract your soul mate. I lost hope in a healthy and happy relationship and settled for second best in my life. You deserve more than second best. I want you to believe that through the power within you, you can attract the mate of your dreams. 

I speak from my own personal experience...if you follow the principles in these post your soul mate is coming your way.

Follow me to the next doorway and I'll show a vital part in attracting your soul mate that many people miss. click here to expand your personal power.


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