Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Holy Guardian Angels

One day I was looking through some books at a thrift shop and my inner flower child lead me to a old book. It was old and leather bound called, "The Maryknoll Missal." Printed in 1961, The Maryknoll Missal is a book containing all that is sung or said during mass. I didn't understand why spirit was leading me to this book, because I'm not Catholic. I had never even read anything Catholic, but I always keep an open mind. Inside I found some cool and very interesting stuff and discovered that spirit can speak through Catholics too. I found this really cool prayer concerning our Guardian Angles. Because each soul to God is so priceless, God has appointed one of his Angels to guide and protect us. I added this pray to a stack of affirmation cards and began to speak it daily. Here is the Prayer:

"O God, we cannot express in words the mercy of your providence that has given your Angels care over us. May we always be safe under their protection and happy for all eternity in their company. Through our Lord."

I've had few experiences where I felt I had an Angelic encounter. I have went through challenging seasons in my life where I felt I was being watched. This being watched was not in a negative vibe, but of feeling of someone watching over me in a protective manner. I believe in Angels, but didn't want to be that person seeing an Angel on every corner. I just sensed that they were working in my life.

Since I believe in Angels I found this prayer to be of a vital importance. For the first time in my life I was joining forces with God's Angelic army. I was being grateful and open to their activity in my life. This prayer for me seemed to open a doorway and everything in my life began to move and flow so smoothly. 

I discovered that information will come to us in many forms and from many sources. Being open to Catholic teachings prompted me to be aware and alert to the concept of Angelic activity. I ask you to be open to God's Angels in your life and allow this simple little prayer to change you. Write it down on a little card and say it before you start your day. Allow the Spirit to bring God's Angels closer to your life experience and awareness.

Peace out and be blessed.

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