Thursday, February 13, 2014

What is Freelove?

Love is often given with a set of conditions. People will love us if we behave correctly. When we fail to behave correctly love is often removed until we get in line. Love and seeking approval seem to go hand in hand. This process starts with our parents, then our teachers, then our bosses and our mates. We all seek approval in hopes of receiving love and acceptance.

We discover pure love during our greatest screw ups. The Mom who loves you even though your in jail. Your soul mate who loves you in spite of your tenth time being fired in a year. The family member who takes you in when you have no place to go time and time again. The friend who accepts you after you acted like a jerk. You will never discover true love if you never do anything stupid. 

The key is to learn to love yourself in the process. Forgive yourself the way those that love you have forgiven you. We often forget to love life and to love us. We get caught up in looking at what's wrong with the world and take little time to discover the beauty that is all around us. 

Once we learn to forgive us we can cut others some slack.

Divine love has no conditions. There are certain people spirit puts in your life to test the divine love inside you. You must love and forgive without conditions. Pure love allows people to be as stupid as they want. If your love has conditions, then your love has a price. Divine love has no price, it is the gift of God.

God's grace is about second chances. We give others a chance as we learn to give us a chance. 

Flower Power Spirituality understands what Freelove is all about. Pure love has no price. 

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