Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where do you find your soul mate?

Do you ever "feel" you have a soul mate out there?


Do you grow frustrated in seeking out relationships?

Many people are searching aimlessly for their soul mate. 

So where do you find this soul mate? 

Where do most start now a days? Most people are trying to find that perfect person online through one of the countless dating sites. Some look around at school or work and many migrate to the local pub or the hottest nightclub. Some look around at church or community activities only to come up blank. 


Who is out there looking?

There are single people looking for a soul mate. There are people stuck in a marriage or a relationship that's not working and hidden deep within they long for that special someone with whom they can share life. It  hits them hardest when they see a couple with: "That Thang!" You know what I am talking about, "That Thing!", crazy in love and always happy.  When you encounter a couple with, "That Thang!"  it appears so extraordinary and leaves you feeling empty, yearning and dreaming of that type of a relationship.

"Soul Mates are like beauty,

you can't define it,

you just know it when you see it.

Many moons ago I was stuck in a unhappy marriage. My spouse was not a bad person, but wasn't the right person. Can you hear what I'm screaming?  During a early morning walk and meditation I began to feel I had a soul mate out there somewhere. I could hear her cry of sadness and knew she was in a relationship where she was unhappy and unfulfilled. I didn't know what to do, all I knew was that I could feel her. Ten years and a divorce later I attracted my soul mate and it was worth the wait. It all started with this feeling.

I could see the pain behind her smile

Many years later I was looking at some of my soul mates photos. I saw one that struck my spirit. It was from a time when she was stuck in a unhappy relationship. I could sense her sadness and felt a deep feeling of unrest. I looked her eyes in the photo and traveled into the depths of your soul. I could feel her inner cry. I asked her when the photo was taken and did the math. It was right around the same time I felt her on a early morning walk.

I was right...I knew she was out there...I could feel it!

Many people miss it. That is the first place you look for your soul mate is in your feelings. Once you feel them, believe they are out there, you have stepped on the path of attracting the soul mate of your dreams.

Some people are destined to attract their soul mate. It's a Divine Quest that resides with them and creates that "FEELING" in their heart.  It a calling. It's something you feel deeply inside.

 Your first move must be to connect with that feeling with a sense of hope. 

Hope is a powerful force in that it creates faith. Hope is what drives you and your faith is what takes you home. 

So if you can feel your soul mate you have started the manifestation process. 

Now what?

If you start looking you push. Pushing is yang. You have to trust that feeling and believe that you have found your soul mate. Knowing the universal law will deliver. If you try to find where they are you can actually push them away. Your soul mate will come as you progress throughout the course of your life. 

Your soul mate will cross your path when both of your frequencies match. 

When the time is right.

You speed up the process by becoming whole with yourself and just carry on with your life.  

The first place to look for your soul mate is within you. You have to feel them, you have to connect with their cry. Once you can feel them you can attract them. All it takes is a little faith and patience.

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