Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why did Jesus have long hair?

 I descended down the steps of my church into a dungeon to attend Sunday school. I was surrounded by blocks walls, forced to sit on metal chairs and I could smell the aroma of mold. I thought, "why did I have to put on a suit and tie for this?" Before me stood my teacher, a brave soul who took on the sixth grade boys of our flock. He was always standing behind his little wooden pulpit where he would inform us of God's grand plan. Behind him was a poster, a picture of Jesus. Almost exactly like the one found to your left.

Today my teacher told me it was a sin for a man to have long hair. That was a heavy thing in our tribe. We had a list of sins and a male having hair over his ears and touching his shoulders was a sin. Doing sins on the list was a sentence to hell. The sins are on the list. People who do things on the list are sinners. Are of the devil. You will burn in hell if you do the things on the list of sins.

So it was a very heavy thing when my teacher told me long hair was a sin. If I grew my hair like all the other guys I would burn in hell. If I wore my hair short I was considered "Square" by all my friends in school. Short haired men were un-cool and not to be trusted. The real world was full of young men growing their hair guilt free, while I was taught long hair was a form of satanic evil.

The problem was I wanted long hair. I liked it. I wanted to look like my friends.

I could never imagine that so much guilt, shame, condemnation could be placed upon a man because of his hair style.

When did it become a long does it have to reach to become a sin?

What about this dude named Jesus you have presented to me in that picture behind you my entire life? Why does he have long hair?

They always said, "The Times Where Different back then." Seriously, that was your best answer? As a child, I accepted your answer and all the guilt associated with it. Now as a man I ask you, "Then why did you tell me that God doesn't change?" If he doesn't change then long hair would have always been a sin, right?" Now Sunday School teacher, do you want to stay with your bullshit answer? 

Religious control and brainwashing is bullshit. To tell someone they are going to burn in hell for having long hair is the real sin. Guilt and shame is the fuel controlling people use to direct your life. They can't handle the fact that you are allowed to be free.

Why did Jesus have long hair? Why do I have to buzz my head when the symbol of our faith looks like a hippie? 

I was confused, wouldn't you be?

Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart. 

Don't judge, don't hate, walk in peace! 

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