Monday, February 24, 2014

Why do we seek approval?

 Did we come here to keep everyone happy?

Or did we come here to live a life that resides deep in our minds, dreams, heart and vision?


When do we look in the mirror and say: "What about me, how do I want to live my life? 

We spend a lot of our life seeking approval from the tribe don't we? Willy Loman said in Arthur Miller's Death of a salesman, 

"I realized what a ridiculous lie my whole life has been."   

Deep within us we all have a dream that longs to be manifested. A matter of fact, that dream is your sole purpose for being here. Often we make adjustments to what we want, rather than face the disapproval from those around us. We might want to do something that seems strange, or different and doen't make sense to anyone but us. 

Often we hide us in a closet and wear a mask throughout the course of this experience. 

I find that sad.

Let's say we have this hippie soul mate couple that dreams of living in their VW van and traveling from beach to beach and sell hemp necklaces and candles to survive during their journey. Now most people think that is crazy and these two flower children need to get their act together. It seems so crazy because it is not the norm. 

If deep inside they feel the need to go on this quest, then living in a VW van and selling their stuff on the beach is sacred. 



I have met and read about people who have done something crazy like this and hit pay dirt. The story might go like this:

"Me and my girl were like hangin' on the beach and it was 4:20pm, and dude you know what we do at 4:20pm?...(Giggle) K...well me and my girl were just reaching our mellow place, trying to sell a some of our rad jewelry to these surfer kids; and one little rug rat runs to his Mom and says "Mom these are the shit". The mom like turns out to own some surf shops dude and she thought our shit was the shit man. She liked talked to us and asked if we could make some for her shop. We did and she started diggin' us and gave us jobs workin' around the shop...and  then dude we like got an apartment above the shop. Our stuff is selling like crazy in her stores and on-line....We are bankin' man....and did I mention our apartment is like only 2 blocks from the beach. Wow and just think everybody in Ohio thought we were crazy for coming to Florida to live in a van to become jewelry artist. Guess the joke on them's like got a shit load of snow up there and we are chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilin' on the beach dude...with pockets full of money. See you later dude it's 4:20


If we live our lives seeking approval from the tribe then we are not being true to our self. To live a life seeking approval is to live a lie. 

You must become true to yourself.

If you want approval, then approve yourself. Follow the dream that the spirit has placed in your heart. Don't seek feedback from the tribe. Learn to look in the mirror and say, "I am what I am, and I accept that."  Become strong in who you are and don't be afraid of making mistakes. When you own your life you learn deeply from your mistakes and your screw-ups. I learned the the spirit desires to turn my mistakes into masterpieces.

A vital part of my mission is to teach people self-empowerment. 



Do you find yourself in a struggle to be the real you? Maybe all your need is some encouragement. Isn't that what people that try to control are doing? They are giving you encouragement to live your life that way they think best, right? My mission is to encourage you to rebel from your tribe and folks who desire to pull your strings. 

Visit the Flower Power section on our blog:
You will find encouraging post on how to break free from the control of others and begin to design and live your own life. I started this path late in life and wish I could go back in time and share it with the young me....I would tell myself to forge my own path with great honor. I can't do that! I can encourage you today.  

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