Saturday, March 8, 2014

3 Secrets to Standing Strong and Being Yourself!

Have you ever felt like your entire life someone else has been towing you around by the nose?

Face it people place demands upon your life. Family, spouse, friends, the tribe and anyone else that you allow into your circle. Like the old saying goes, you have to dance to the beat of the tribal drum or "face the drama."

Your ego seeks acceptance and approval. It wants to be liked, it wants to feel special and it wants to say "watch me and tell me if I did good". The ego fears rejection and desperately wants approval. 

We struggle with that feeling that we are going to let someone down. 

Seeking approval outside of your inner self is a game the ego loves to play. 

The First Secret in being strong is to ditch the demands of the ego.

Ditch them and ditch them fast!

Within you is a Divine Self-image, your Divine Purpose and Divine Pattern. During the Matrix "construct scene" Morpheus explains to Neo the concept of residual self-image; a mental projection of your digital self. Watch this 3 minute clip and I'll share some concepts.

We have a Divine Inner Image that is deep within us. Often that image is in conflict with what we actually reflect to the world. This conflict on a deep inner level makes us feel fake. That's why some people carry a lot of secrets; because they are afraid to show the world their real self. Part of this journey is to make the connection to the real you. What you carry around on the inside is special and sacred. It's as simple as learning to be yourself.

You were born with a Divine Idea in mind and as you manifest yourself, you express the Divine image that is inside of you. It is your Quest to express the the real you. Seeking approval from others and being concerned with what others think smashes the Divine Idea from manifesting and sentences you to a life of struggle. 

You didn't come here to make everyone happy...You came here to give your gift to the world...and that gift is becoming the person you always dreamed about. When you become that person you expand the God force and bring light to the planet.

You become a Warrior of Light.

Being you is of Eternal Importance....Never forget that! 

Being yourself means to break free of their control.

The Second Secret is to make your residual image reflect the real you.

Sometimes it hard to get rid of the ego and to be the real you. I found it is not so much we are fake, but it is more of not wanting to let people down. This goes back to our approval seeking behavior and trying to conform to the tribe. When I was a youth minister teens would often tell me that their biggest worry was letting their parents down. What if your parents want you to be a DOCTOR and you want to be a MUSICIAN? What if you become a Doctor and your guitar rust in the closet? Will you have regrets that you didn't even give your dream a chance?

Looking back at my life I have learned that many times I let myself down. What about me? I will one day die, and I must understand that this is my life...It was given to me... I have to follow the dreams, the visions and the purpose that is part of my heroic quest. I must live my life like a Warrior and live and breathe my Divine Ambitions. I now look back on my life and think of all the people I tried to make happy and ask, "Why did I do it all"?  Sometimes during the journey we get so wrapped up in everybody's stuff that we forget about our own stuff.

At one point in my journey I was so wrapped up in trying to manifest things to make me happy, that I missed the point of manifesting me. I manifested the house, the cars and the 3 picket fence, but was missing something deep inside. Who cares if you have 10 BMW's in the driveway of your Million Dollar home, but never become you. This power you possess is given to create the Divine Design that you came here to create. Once you become you, once you become "I AM", you will have everything you ever need.

You came here to manifest your Divine Purpose and collect experiences.

Read the Affirmation below and decide to manifest the real you.

Remember, becoming you is of Eternal Importance.

The Third Secret is to never ask them what they think?

Have a dream, do it!  Don't ask them what they thing!

Want to write a book, do it!  Don't ask them what they think?

Do you want to sell everything ya got and bum around the country?  DO IT!  Don't ask what they think?

What do you want to do?  Do it!  Don't ask them what they think.

Don't ask them what they think, tell them what you are going to do. When they inform you of their disapproval; simply ask them if they want removed from your post card list because you are going to do it.

If they say you can't take some advice from Jack White and say, "WATCH ME!"

PS: If you are really going to walk this path of standing strong and being you understand this above all else. You are going to have to drop a lot of people off at the great bus stop of life. Family and friends included. Trust me I've made a lot of bus stops and those true to you will come back into your life when you become the real you.

Remember manifesting the Divine Idea inside of you is of Eternal Importance! 


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