Tuesday, March 25, 2014

5 Attitudes for Dealing with Rejection!

How do you deal with the sting of rejection? 

 Once I was a lad in Bible College. I met this beautiful girl from Canada. She had a really sexy accent and I shouldn't of have been moved by her sexiness since I there to become a man of the cloth. I dug her smile, I dug her laugh and I was smitten by her eyes. So, I made my move and I asked her out. She smiled a gave me a straight forward NO!. No explanations, no sorry, just a flat out no. I felt stung! She even gave me that sexy smile when she said, NO!


We all face rejection, don't we? 

We don't fit in at the job. We aren't invited to the party. People reject our business proposal, our art and what we offer to the world. Life is full of personal rejection and we must craft the proper attitude to deal with it's sting.

These Five Attitudes are a mindset to give you a sense of personal power. If you want acceptance, begin with accepting yourself. You have to take your dreams, your desires and your wants, no matter how crazy others perceive it and forge ahead with your life. Remember: "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" and you have the power to select the life you desire to live. If you seek the approval of others you will get trampled in the rat race of life. 

Take these Five Attitudes and imprint them on your mindset.

Attitude #1: I accept I will be rejected!

Rejection is going to happen. If you leave the house you will be rejected. Rejection is part of the game of life you must play. So, accept it, or stay home. Understand that being rejected is part of your journey.

Attitude #2: I can't make everyone happy!

Seriously! Can you make everyone happy? What I have done is use rejection to develop my sense of humor. So when I get rejected I think it is funny. There is a saying in the streets, "That you ain't nobody, till somebody shoots you."  So if I get rejected, I must be somebody. I am not conforming to the crowd. So if you hate my long hair, ear rings and ripped up jeans; then that's funny to me. If I rattle your world that much that you got to take a shot at me then I must be somebody.

Attitude #3: Now I know where to put my energy!

If you reject me I am not going to burn a ton of energy trying to win you over. 

I see your negativity as feedback that tells me to change my direction. Now I don't have to burn energy in that direction. I take the negative people in my life and ditch them very fast. I take the positive people in my life and invest energy in their direction. There are two types of people. Very draining people and very resourceful people. 

Ditch the very draining people fast!

Attitude #4: I use rejection to define myself!

I use rejection to perfect my personality. When I was a teen I was a hard core drug addict. I did a lot of drugs, I had long hair, wore blue jeans and played rock music. When I was 19 I crashed and burned and went to church. I decided to pursue the ministry and help troubled teens. They made me cut my hair, get rid of my sinful electric guitar and put on a monkey suit. I was in the ministry for 13 years and I always felt fake. So I left the organized church and I threw all my suits away. I am a rocker at heart and I will not conform to what a tribe thinks I should be. 

If you reject me then you just helped define me. Thank you for being a judgmental prick!

Attitude #5: I use rejection to celebrate me!

Within me and within you is a divine idea. God gave us all something special. We have rednecks, nerds, preppies, bikers, rockers, rappers, and the list goes on. I have friends in all these categories. They dig me, because on a deep inner level they know I don't judge them for being who they are. They also dig me because I am real and not trying to be like them to fit in. I gave a friend of mine a ride home from work one day. I said, "Okay man, I know you dig that rap shit; but, today we are going to listen to the Devils music. This is Guns-n-Roses, so put on your seat belt bitch! We are gonna rock today"!  I rocked him out and he had the nerve to say, "Damn that shits loud". I said, "It wouldn't be loud if it was Tupac, would it"? 

He got to experience the real me, in my real world. 

That's how you celebrate you. 


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