Wednesday, March 19, 2014

7 Enemies of Your Will!

Are You Ready To Manifest Your Desires?

"I have vowed I would do it, and I have done it"!

E.W Kenyon


What is your dream my Fellow Child? Are you ready to manifest it?

Manifesting your dreams comes down to amount of WILL you can project into your world. Use a little of the force of your will and reap little result. Go out into life with the full kick ass brunt of your WILL projected and you will reap the full result. 

I want you to think about these "Enemies of your WILL" they are the cause of your can't do it mindset. Think about each one and reflect upon your own life and experience. How many of these little devils are invading your mind? 

Don't let them "Under sell you on you." That's the destructive nature of their power and they are designed to keep you from manifesting your dreams. 

The Enemy of doubt says, "I can't do this"!

     Fight the Enemy of doubt with, "I can"!


The Enemy of Lack of Knowledge says, "How can you do that"?


     Fight the Enemy of Lack of Knowledge with, "There is a way and I will find it"!

The Enemy of Seeking Approval says, "Do you think I can do this"?

     Fight the Enemy of Seeking Approval with, "I stand alone in my power"!

The Enemy of Lack of Clarity says, "Are you sure you want this"?

     Fight the Enemy of Lack of Clarity with, "This is what I want, and I shall achieve it"!

The Enemy of Lack of Patience says, "How long will it take"?

     Fight the Enemy of Lack of Patience with, "I am a professional waiter, it will come"!

The Enemy of Defeat says, "The odds are against you"!

     Fight the enemy of Defeat with, "I can do all things"!

The Enemy of Fatigue says, "I feel tired of trying"!


     Fight the Enemy of Fatigue with, "I am energy, I am power, I am strong"!

Your will has to lock into your vision!

Your will has to demand the vision to come to past!

The "I AM" within you must say, "I AM THIS NOW"! 

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