Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dear Men: How to treat your Woman!

Simplicity is the key to success.

You have to treat your woman as if you had lost her.

We don't understand how valuable they are until they are gone.

It's the simple things that matter, right?

What are her needs?

What are her concerns?

Do you listen?

Do you act?

Do you make her feel special everyday you have with her?

Men seem to only focus on big. They think size matters.

They can forget their woman all year and try to buy their affection with a big gift on the birthday! Here ya..see ya next year!

The only size that matters is small.

The small things you do daily to show her that she is special, that she is #1 in your life, and that your sun rises and sets because she opened her heart and let you in her life.

She gave you a place in her heart, and that place is sacred.

The little things she thinks are important, they are not trivial.

How do you treat your woman, don't see anything she needs as trivial.

Brandon Lee's film, "The Crow", makes this point from a man who has lost his love. He discovered that, "Nothing is Trivial"!

Watch this clip and think: "What if I lost my Woman"?

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