Friday, March 21, 2014

Freedom from the Prison of Bitterness

Many souls trotting around this planet are hopelessly trapped in a prison of bitterness. 

Life seems to do it to you, doesn't it? We become bitter over what people have done to us. We become bitter because we feel trapped in a job we hate. We can get bitter at Governments, society and the church. 

Bitterness grows when we face circumstances we feel we can't change. 

We are bitter over how life has turned out for us. We feel slighted sometimes, don't we?

How do we become caged in this prison of bitterness?

  • Bitterness begins with a seed. A person, a circumstance, or hardships plant the seed in your heart when your ego feels hurt or denied. 
  • An unforgiving heart, anger, hate, worry, and judgmental attitudes begin to water the seed. The seed is granted opportunity to grow and flourish.  
  • The seed begins to root and chokes out the God force that desires to reign within you. The bitterness is now deep within you and begins to dominate your experience.
  • If given opportunity to root and grow the smallest event can trigger the bitterness. Waiting in line at the grocery store can now enrage you.
  • This bitterness can be passed on to others through a transference of energy. You can teach others to be bitter. Souls can catch it as easily as the common cold. 
  • We attract other bitter souls into our life and we all live inside an unending bitch session. You begin to thrive on drama. The bitterness spreads like a cancer.
  • You are now trapped in a prison of bitterness.

The first key out of the prison of bitterness is forgiveness. You have to take an inventory of your life and begin the process of cleansing your soul. You have to let the hurt and disappointment go and free yourself from the pain of the past. 

This is hard!

Most very hard!

Many of your wounds are deep and the roots of your pain have been allowed to spread. This requires us to dig deep and police our emotions. We must ask, why do I react the way I do? Imagine that someone tied a rope around your ankle, and over the years they tied you completely up. You are going to have to work hard at getting free. You'll have to lose a knot here then lose a knot there, and brake free a little bit at a time. The more knots you loosen the closer you come to freedom. Life can tie you up in knots and you must work towards inner peace.

The key is to forgive and release the emotion. Overtime you reach a sacred place of peace where you find your heart is cleansed. You fly from the cage that held you; while observing the ropes that bound you forgotten in the valley below.  

The Second key is "Stand Strong and Be Yourself." Often we allow others to make us bitter because we don't take a stand. We allow others to tow us around bye the nose. 

Just because we are Spiritual and forgiving doesn't mean that we have to be a doormat and allow everyone to push us around!



How can you be free if your life is being directed by others? Deep within you is a Spiritual Goal, Higher Idea and Your Deepest Inner Feelings? Who knows your hearts and desires better than you? Yet you find yourself trying to seek approval and make compromises concerning your dreams. You try to fit into the tribe, but you start to develop resentment in the inner you. So much of our bitterness could be avoided if we grew a pair and told people how we really feel.
It's all about creating your personal boundaries and how far you allow people into your life. If someone does something you don't dig then you have to set that boundary and stand your ground. If you tell them lovingly how you feel and they still cop an attitude then you lovingly tell them to go to hell. You don't need controlling people in your life. 99.9% of the people telling you what to do, don't have their own shit together.
Stop seeking will make you bitter, right?
The key is balance. You must develop into a loving, peaceful and strong person.
You now hold the get yourself free!

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