Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to Handle Drama: Hold Your Seats!

  Everyone claims to hate DRAMA!


For something so hated....there is damn sure enough of it!


 Does the DRAMA of life wear you down?  Do you know any DRAMA KINGS or QUEENS  who suck all of the life out of you?  Do you have friends, family and co-workers that feed you a steady diet of negativity? 

How do you deal with that?

Just think about the popular reality shows of the day. They are crammed full of DRAMA, anger, back biting, back stabbing, verbal fights and all out warfare. I see this bleeding into the fabric of our culture and going through life can appear to be very Jersey Shore.

Why are we so frustrated? We live in amazing times and mankind has moved forward in so many ways, especially our gifts and creations within the tech world. Yet millions of souls are jetting around this planet ready to unravel at a moments notice. 

Why do we sit here and  downgrade one another?

Once upon a time I landed a gig at a sports bar. I over heard some of the fellas knocking another co-worker. One of the dudes spoke up and said,  "I don't want to hear your DRAMA.....If you got a problem with the brother go tell him..... I don't want to hear your shit..... If you keep talkin' it in front of me...I'll go get him and make you tell him to his fuckin' face!... I did 14yrs in prison...and prison will turn men in to bitches,... and I hate bitches... I go home and have to listen to my girl bitch cuz of the work place;... so I don't want to hear it from none of you mother fuckers today."

 When the student is ready the teacher will appear!

 Now pay very close attention


Your teacher could be a x-con who just did 14yrs in prison!

Later I pulled him to the side and said,... "Hey man;... what did you mean by prison turns men into bitches"?... He said,... "Listen man,.. prison will break a bitch down... Then he starts complaining about something he can't fuckin' change.... I don't want to fuckin' hear it!.... Why are you going to complain about the shit you can't change.... You did it man, accept it.... God has a plan I don't know about.... So instead of being a bitch and complainin' about what I can't change,.. I focus on the shit I can change.... I refuse to be a bitch.... God said don't worry about tomorrow, right?.... So, I'm gonna to do what I can today and fuck everything else".

What he said and the way he said it was very raw. Within the rawness was a wisdom that I found to be profound and it forced me to reflect upon my own attitudes.

Why do I complain about stuff I can't change?

Why have I allowed the drama and the bitching of life to suck me in?

Why didn't I focus on what I can change, and forget what I can't.

Is Drama a lack of gratitude?  A lack of acceptance? A lack of focus?


How do you handle DRAMA?


Stop bitching and do not tolerate bitching!

It's really that simple! 

Focus on what you can change!




 It has been many moons since the above story took place and I see my sketchy friend on the streets from time to time. He always makes me laugh! That's a given! Over the past three months I hadn't seen my man surface at all. I usually run into him two or three times a month while migrating around my hood. I began to think that he either moved or did something to get locked up. Then I walked into a local store and out of the blue there he was and little did I know my Angels would use his lips to send me a very graphic message. Here is how it went down:

"Yo Man, where the hell you been?

"Where I been? I been fucking shot. Some bitch shot me in the motherfucking stomach...I was in a coma for three fuckin' days Man...I had to wear a damn colostomy bag for three fuckin' months and this is my first motherfucking time out the damn house in little." 

"Where did you get shot?"

"Like I said, in the fuckin' stomach..look at this shit." He lifted his shirt and showed me his still bandaged wounds. 

"No, I meant where were you?"

"Down bye them damn apartments over there...I was just sittin' on a fuckin' bench and these bitches in a car brought some drama up in my face and then shot my ass in the stomach...I've been stuck inside the crib for three fucking months wearing a damn colostomy bag." 

"So you just been hanging around drinking CIROC?"

"Did you hear me motherfucker....I been wearing a fucking colostomy bag for three damn months...I ain't been able to do fuckin' shit....You fuckin' hearin' me?"

Some other cat in the line jumped into the conversation and said, " Damn, that shit ain't no good." 

I thought I was just having an entertaining day in da' hood when all of a sudden the message came to me.


"Let me tell you one motherfucking thing...the next time drama rolls up on me and gets up in my shit I am shootin' it right in the fuckin' face. I won't waste a second. Put me in a motherfuckin' colostomy bag for three months...let me tell ya what...I got some shit for your ass."

Another Jet in the line responded, "Oh,  no man, you don't want to take it there."

"I'm gonna take it right fuckin' there..and take it fast...I'm shootin' drama right in the fuckin' face....kill it on the spot...ain't nobody goin put me in a motherfuckin' colostomy bag again....fuck that...I'll shootin' drama right in the fucking face!"

My turn came in the line and I snagged me a couple of brews. While I was tending to business he keep on raving and held the patrons captive with his "Art of Story Telling" and the hero of this story has to go to the colostomy bag. I told him that it was good to see him and I'm glad he survived. I walked out the door with a, "See ya Later", to hear echo from inside of the store:

"I'm telling you man I was in a colostomy bag for three fuckings months and next time I'm shootin' drama right in the fuckin' face!"

While walking back to my spot my Spirit Dude spoke to me gently as always and said:

"That's what you have to do with the Drama of the Physical Plane...when it comes knocking on your door you have to shoot it in the face....go for the kill shot.

When hate comes knocking on your door shoot it in the face with love, acceptance and forgiveness....

When someones beef arrives at your doorstep shoot it in the face by becoming a peacemaker....strive to make peace and still all strife...

When the bitterness of life comes knocking on your door shoot it in the face with your spirit of everything give thanks....that's the key to miracles...

When strife and gossip comes knocking on your door shoot it in the face with a stern I don't want hear that....settle it somewhere else.....I keep it peaceful here....

When anxious spirits come knocking on your door shoot them in the face with:

"I am abundant....all my needs are met....everything is going to be okay."

See David if you entertain the spirit of drama...if you allow to get in your face....if you try to fight with ends up tearing into your stomach. 


It will make you sick.


Instead of getting sick, work at getting people healed!

Strive to keep your heart pure...

for out of your heart....

flow the issues of life...

that pure heart...

allows you...

to see the heart of God!

Remember those priceless words:

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!

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