Monday, March 17, 2014

How to handle personal attacks: the lady in the red dress.

Have you ever suffered personal attacks? Have you entered a place where the criticism, the personal judgements and all out hating comes at you from all angles? You find yourself trying to climb this mountain of life only to find that everyone is trying to kick you back to the bottom.

The stress of the negativity can make you sick. 

I found myself in such a circumstance. It seemed that my whole life was in a state of turmoil and everyone I knew was kicking me while I was down. I found myself in a desolate and isolated place. I began to ask myself: "Am I missing something"?

My mind began to race back many moons and I remembered something my teacher once said to us followers. That you have to demand of your mind to notice everything! That you had to keep your eyes open and look for the signs that the universe is trying impress upon you. Pay attention to everything that comes across your path and take note of everything. I was desperate and started to pay close attention. I knew I was missing something.

That's when I saw her. It wasn't so much that I saw her; but, where I saw her, and the aura I sensed coming from her. She was walking around the back of a huge parking garage through the grass. She looked so elegant and strode so gracefully through the grass. She was around a block away and she looked back at us and entered the garage.

My mind raced back to the Matrix, I movie I had not seen in years, and within my Spirit I could hear Morpheus say:

"Neo, were you listening to me, or were you looking at the lady in the red dress"?

The lady that was walking behind the parking garage was an elegant lady wearing a red dress. 

I felt something supernatural, I felt she was walking across the grass for my soul mate and I to see her. She was a message from the universe. I had to pay close attention...I had to develop clarity...I had to defeat the negatives agents trying to bring me down.

I remembered the clip, watch it and observe:

The people who attack you and the people who attack me are unplugged. Spirit has place you on a path and has unplugged you from the destiny of the world. You are in this world; but, you are not of this world. You have evolved to the place where you understand there is something bigger than yourself and that you have a divine purpose. Sometimes you feel that you don't fit into this system and you are seeking more. 

The system will attack you back.

There is a system that is built upon a spirit of negativity. It is not that the people close to you are the attackers; but, it is the spirit of negativity that is attacking you through others. The spirit of negativity desires and conspires to bring you down. If someone is not unplugged they can become an enemy to your dream. You are not fighting a person, you are fighting a negative spirit. 

Remember that, and don't take it personal.

After this Spirit reminded me of a story in the Bible. There was a dude named Caleb and God promised him a mountain in Kadesh Barnea. He was part of 12 Israelite spies who scouted the land God had promised to his people. Ten spies had a spirit of negativity and said they couldn't take the land. Caleb and his partner Joshua said, "We can do it". The ten negative spy's put fear in the heart of the people and they didn't pursue the dream of a promise land. To make a long story short, all those negative spy's had to die before Caleb could get his mountain. It took him 45 years to claim his destiny.

"I am as strong this day as on the day that Moses sent me, just as my strength was then, so now is my strength for war......Now therefore give me this mountain.....for you heard how the Anakim ( Giant Warriors) were there, and there cities were great and fortified. It may be that the Lord will be with me, and I shall be able to drive them out. as the Lord said".

At 85 years old, 45 years after his dream, Caleb conquered Kadesh Barnea and manifested his mountain.

What was I missing? 

You are never too old to go after your dream. Allow all the negative people in your life to die. Stop looking at the lady in the red dress and follow your heart. Never give up and never listen to the negative spirits around you. 

How do you handle negative attacks: LET THEM DIE BY YOUR SIDE!

Claim your mountain!

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