Saturday, March 1, 2014

How To Handle The Stress Of Change

Does change stress you out? Like starting a new job, moving, divorce, and the many things life slams in your face? Does change stress you to the max?

How well do you deal with change?

One day Freelove (my soul mate) and I were riding around on the city bus reading people. If you want to work on reading folks the bus is an excellent spot. I was showing her a trick that my teacher taught me many years ago. You focus on your heart and project your feelings into the heart area of the person. You then draw your feelings back into your heart and ask: what do they feel like?  He told me it was best if I could do it while avoiding looking the person in the face. Then look at the person in the face and see if their facial expressions match your reading. Angry people have angry faces, just like happy people have a happy expressions. If I remember it correctly, he called the technique tapping. He explained it as tapping into someones energy and believed we all possess a spiritual thumbprint that is accessible through the heart.

While we were doing this a lady got on the bus and she was a mess. She had trouble getting her bike on the bike rack. It was July in Florida and she was drenched it sweat. Her energy was flying all over the place and her stress level was 10+. It didn't take a sage to read that this lady was what they say in the hood: GOING THROUGH IT!  She was a hot mess!

She sat next to a young man and began to unload on the poor lad. She told the him how she had just went through a nasty divorce with her no good cheating husband. To top things off she was laid off from her job and lost her car to the no good banker who happened to be a male as well. She then lost her house and was forced to move into an apartment. She landed a meager job and had to snag a bike just to make it to the bus stop to make it to work. She was confused about the stops, she was confused about the bus schedule and she had a hell of a time getting her bike on the rack. I felt such a compassion for her and had been there, done that, and got the tee-shirt. The metaphysical circles where I travel, we can it wrapping and packing the experience.

This poor lady after unloading all her stress on the young man her for about 15 minutes, turned to him and said,

"What's your story, why are you riding the bus"?

What he said, blew my mind. He said,

"I just ride the bus".

I could read no stress in this young man and he had accepted the fact that he did bus. Most people can't handle change and especially change that involves a losing your car and having to ride the bus. Riding the bus might appear like a stressful event in ones mind, but the practice of riding the bus is not stressful. Millions of people ride public transportation of some sort daily and never give in a second thought. The truth is that the stress of riding the bus is only an illusion. You buy the stress and allow it to cripple your emotions. 

How do you handle the stress of change?

Just ride the bus.

You have to accept change and push your way through it no matter how difficult the conditions of life appear. You have to find peace in the middle of the storm.

When we exited the bus I told my girl I was going to leave this lady a message in an indirect way. When we passed her on the way out I said to Freelove very loud, "See Girl, riding the bus is not that hard once you get use to it". I then turned to the lady and gave her a smile and projected peace towards her.

A month later we were back on the bus and guess who was getting on the bus? That hot mess was getting on the bus.  She place her bike on the bike rack like Lance Armstrong winning the gold. I thought, my God has she been on steroids? She entered the bus with a smile on her face and sat next to some regular riders. She was talking, she was laughing and asking an older lady how she was doing. This time when I tapped her there was a new calm in her spirit. I thought, she got it, she just rides the bus.

When I face the changes of life I say:

 "Spirit open the door for the perfect conditions to work in my life...I am always in the right place at the right time." 

If I believe that I am in the right place at the right time, then there is no stress, there is only growing pains. The ego hates change, but change is the only way we can grow. I must embrace change and growth, and allow Spirit to do it's work in my life.  

When the changes of life come,
just ride the bus.

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