Monday, March 10, 2014

How to read people?

During my childhood I was a childhood prodigy preacher. During the first grade I read the entire bible. I started to preach in first grade. My grandmother would let me hold services at her house on Saturday's nights. For several weeks I preached from the I Book of Kings in the Old Testament. Around 20 people a week would show up for this service and many weeks different folks would attend just to hear this child explain the metaphysical truths found in the stories of these ancient Kings. Face it, I was a weird kid. While other children were playing I was emerged in these stories.

I also experienced what the folks in my crazy church called the: "The Discerning of Spirits", found in I Corinthians 12. I discerned a lot of wild shit at an early age. I would meet someone in the church and tell my Mother that he was a bad guy. My Mother would tell me not to talk about others. They would find out later that he was sleeping with every available woman in town. One time a new preacher came to town and started a church. He was very charismatic and started building a church very fast. I was only 5 years old at the time. I started telling everybody in my family that he was a bad man. They told me not to talk about a man of God. I would say, "But, Mommy he is bad". He raised  $7000 for a building fund and skipped town. Not a bad take for 1967. My Mother started to notice I was different.

Your spiritual gift will work at times, I know this for a fact. Let's fast forward to 1979, I was a 17 year old teen at the time. I was hurt by my church at age 11 and hit the streets. At 17 I had did 6 years as a hard core street kid. I was deep in the streets baby! A friend told me where we could score some Quaaludes in a town about 40 minutes away. We drove and went into the apartment to score some much desired 714's. I had an once of weed and about $250.00 bucks on my person. There was a hell of a party going on in this drug induced wonderland and it was stacked with righteous babes. My friend asked me to roll and joint and when I did they offered me a beer. I declined and asked about the ludes. The dude told me they were $4.oo bucks a piece and I told him I wanted 10. My friend was rolling a joint with my ounce of weed and I pulled out my $250.00 wad to buy the ludes. Now $250.00 was a lot of cake back then and I also had on a $275.00 dollar London Fog Camel hair overcoat. I guess these guys thought I was rich. I felt something wrong, my spirit told me to get out of there. After I scored the ludes I told my posse let's book. There was a Black dude there and he said , "NO WAY MAN, YOU GUYS STAY".  All my friends saw were the hots chicks; but, I felt something wrong. It was the black dude. It wasn't that he was black; for at the time I was slinging a lot of drugs and a lot of the dudes I dealt with were black. I felt he intended harm for me. I said to my friends," let's book" and they all came against me. I said, "Fuck it man, I have shit to do back in St. Albans and if you don't want to go, then I'll hitchhike, see you later". Since I had all the ludes, all the money and all the weed; they reluctantly left with me. I don't know what would have happened if I would have stayed, all I knew is that he was a bad man and intended me harm.

Fast forward, 1999, I was 37 at the time. I had just ran into a Taoist Teacher, through his writings, and had been training with him for 1 year. He introduced me to a series of exercises on how to read people. One was to sit in a shopping mall and as people walk bye from your heart project your feelings into their heart and ask how do they feel? He told me to try it on around a 1000 people. He then told me that it would be rare if I ever ran onto a real sage and if I did their peripheral vision would be very active, or they would be scanning the entire mall back and forth with their eyes. 

The next exercise was to go to a busy street and to start hitting everyone in front of you asking, "How do they feel"?, and to do this as fast and far as possible. After about two months of this exercise I had a crazy experience. I was reading people as fast and far as possible and reached out about 2 blocks. I hit a man; in his late 50's; wearing a suit. As soon as I hit him; he was quickened. Even though he was on the other side of the street he looked towards me. I hit him with my energy and he knew it. 

It scared me a little.


He approached the crosswalk and crossed over to my side of the street. As he approached me I felt a peace. When we passed each other on the crosswalk he looked at me and smiled real big. I felt him say within me, "YOU GOT IT KID". He felt so strong and powerful and the suit killed me. It had to be a $2000.00 suit. Then I felt him project to me from behind, "Keep at it kid, one day you will be like me".

What I learned through all my experiences is very simple.

Do you want to read people?






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