Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to "TURN ON" without doing LSD

Timothy Leary popularized the phrase Turn on, Tune in, Drop out in 1967. Leary speaking to a group of 30,000 hippies at the Human be-in at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco uttered the famous phrase that helped influence a generation. Leary later explained in his 1983 autobiography Flashbacks that to Turn on meant to go within to activate your neural and genetic equipment. Become sensitive to the many and various levels of consciousness and the specific triggers that engage them. Drugs were one way to accomplish this end. 

Carlos Castaneda in 1968 wrote The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge. Castaneda was a anthropology student at the University of California. He wrote this book based from his research logs describing his apprenticeship with a Man of Knowledge identified as a Yaqui sorcerer named Don Juan Matus. Don Juan told him that he needed to stop his world. One way was the taking of peyote. During the peyote ceremonies you are given a perception of an unknown world, that is still reachable by man. The goal was to become a Nagual, or a seer that has access to this world.

Jesus talked about the Kingdom of Heaven. It's a realm right here on this earth that operates through the law of faith. Those who are not of the world can walk in the power of the Kingdom. They can have love, joy, peace, healing, abundance and live a overcoming life. 

So how do you Turn on  this other realm without scoring a hit of acid off the kid running around your neighborhood on a skate board?

You do this by acknowledging that the power is within you. Did you know that there is a Spiritual You down there playing solitaire waiting for you to acknowledge it's presence? Call it your Higher Self, your Higher Power, Your Spirit man, or your Inner Flower Child. Who cares? It's not about the correct terminology, it about knowing that the power is within you. 

You have to affirm that you are that power. You are not your body, you are not your mind, but you are this force that dwells within you. You are the force within. You can open yourself up to this Kingdom that Christ says is within you. You can live a victorious life. Like they say: You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Flower Power Spiritual understands we are not of this world. We are passing by.  

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