Monday, March 3, 2014

How to wait for your soul mate: Part two of a five part series

  What do you do while you wait on your Soul Mate?

Won't I get bored, lonely and anxious? 

If you really believe, feel and sense you have a Soul Mate out there the waiting process has no time for any negative emotions. You have stuff to do during the process.



Just Be!


This is your first assignment during the waiting process.


While you wait for your soul mate you have to get very good at just being you. You shouldn't have to adjust to attract the mate of your dreams. Often we find ourselves making adjustments in hope others will accept us. We pretend to like things we don't, we agree to things we don't agree with, and we compromise being real in hope of finding love.

If I do this or that and make adjustments will you love me?

This mindset leads to compromise. You have to make a promise to yourself and that promise is to be you. The problem with compromise is we sell "US" short and we settle for second best. Often that compromise gets to us and it can eat away inside for many years. We wake up many moons and years later to the fact that in our relationship we lost "US!" Many people after living in an compromised relationship for many years, and make that  tough decision to divorce find themselves feeling free. Now I can finally breathe and be me! After the shock of leaving a long term relationship they adapt to the fact that they are now free. They evolve into a more real, more free and very happy vibrant person. They always say: "I should have gotten out of this a long time ago."

While waiting for a Soul Mate you have a huge advantage. That advantage is you don't have to get out of anything. Now is the time to use all your wisdom, life experiences, and your Inner Power to not "GET IN" an unhealthy union. You do this by not comprising the real you. Flip the script in your mind from boredom, loneliness, and anxiety, to one of advantage. I know you might not feel it or see it, but you have an advantage in your life right now.

Would you rather be alone, or be in a toxic relationships that trashes your esteem, spirit and health?

Trust have the advantage right now!

I have always loved campfires. Yet my X couldn't stand them and the smell of the smoke. Many nights I sat alone by a campfire playing my guitar. Every time I made a fire it was a big hassle. She was worried I was going to burn down the neighborhood, or that it was too big and she hated how I smelled after the fire. It was always a big: "Why do you have to do that?" This issue was one of many I compromised for 22 years. Trust me it sucks in a bad way!

After my divorce I made my soul mate list, it was a detailed list of what I wanted to attract in terms of a Soul Mate. One of the things I listed was that she had to dig camp fires. I actually met my soul mate while hanging with friends around a campfire. We have shared tons of campfires and I found she dug them more than me. Many times I came home from work and she was waiting for me. She would say, "Come on Son, let's jump in the truck and go grab some fire wood." I would say, "Girl, I just got done workin', let me just chill.", "No way buddy, I've been stuck in this place all day, let's go get some wood." Many times I wondered if I shouldn't have put it on my list. Later, when it got dark and we were having a blast around the fire I was glad I did.

You have to be you


I love camp fires and I spent 22 years with a person who hated me doing it. What a waste!

Your soul mate will allow you to be you.

Your soul mate will dig being around you.

I am not saying you can't have separate interest, I just saying you don't want a separate life. If you and your mate have a separate life, you end up with just a roommate. 

Learn to be you. Get good at being you. The soul mate of your dreams is searching for you. If you don't learn to be you, they won't be able to find you.

They are searching for you.

Just be....


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