Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to wait for your soul mate: Part three of a five part series

Waiting is a very powerful tool in your bag of spiritual tricks....did you know that?

Many moons ago my teacher taught me that the reason we have to wait is that our personal energy has not caught up to the dream. Spirit places dreams, aspirations and divine visions in our hearts, mind and feelings. The purpose of the dream is  to expand our life and spiritual journey. If you don't expand you are stuck in a rut. Do you know what a rut is? 

A rut is a casket with both ends kicked out. 

Part of your journey is to expand. If you dream of a soul mate then the manifesting of your soul mate is part of your divine mission.

The searching, waiting, and attracting of your soul mate is the spirit desiring to expand your life and experience.

I want to provide you with Three ways to empower yourself, while you are waiting for soul mate to manifest in your life.

Empower your Mindset


Earnest Holmes said that, "Where the mind goes the power will flow". Begin to renew your mind. Get rid of negative thoughts and replace it with positive affirmations. If you believe that, "It's hard to meet anybody good", "Nobody will have me", and stuff like, "I always meet the wrong kind of guys", then you will begin to attract that into your life. Use this time to police your thoughts and rid your mind of negativity. Not just where your soul mate is concerned; but, in every aspect of your life. I heard a Preacher say, "A bird may fly over your head, but don't let it build a nest in your hair". Don't allow negativity to rule your mind. Your soul mate is searching for a positive and upbeat person. Be that person!

During this time you need to heal your life. I suggest a sweet lady and an amazing teacher to check out. Louise Hay teachings breathed magic into my life. She helped me in healing my emotions, renewing my mind, going through cancer, and she taught me how to love myself. 

You "Empower Your Mindset" by weeding out all that negative stuff and planting fresh seeds of positivity. Remember you are at an have the time to focus on you now!

Do you want to attract your Soul Mate with a mind full of negativity...or a mind full of positive seeds of faith?  

Empower your Emotions


Take this time to empower your emotions. There is a story in the Bible where Jesus and his entourage were at the sea shore and he said, "Let us cross over to the other side". What he was saying to his crew of misfits was it was time to expand, time to cross over. While crossing a bodacious storm hit and they started flipping out. They looked over at Jesus and he was snoozing on a pillow. They woke him up and said, "Don't you care we are going to drown"? He looked at them and thought what a group of amateurs! He turned to the storm and said, "Peace be still." Then the waves ceased and the storm stopped. That's what you have to do during the storms in your life. Don't focus on the storm, don't get caught up in the emotion and project peace into your storms. Learn to step outside of the emotions of life. Your soul mate is looking for a strong and secure person. It's hard to attract a powerful mate when you are a basket case. 

Take this time of crossing your sea of loneliness to learn to quiet your emotions.


You are going to be okay. It's alright. You are not going to die alone. 

You were attracted to these teachings in effort to attract the mate of your dreams. The very fact that you "FEEL" this Soul Mate is the first step in the manifestation process. You can't allow vibes of negative emotions to taint your projections and affirmations of faith. Anxiety will tell you straight out lies and rob you of your inner peace. Don't allow that to happen. You need to allow the fact that: "IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY" to reside in your heart and mind

Empower your Passions


What are you passionate about? 


Don't wait for your soul mate to empower your passions. I saw this show on TV where this couple likes to dress up like super hero's. They were two peas in a pod. They meet at some comic book convention and fell in love. Now your idea of a romantic time might not be running around dressed up like Superman and Wonder Woman; but, it worked for these two characters. What if they just sat there wishing that they had a soul mate so they could attend the comic book convention? 

NO, it was the comic book convention! 

I'm so passionate about it I am going to slap on my Batman suit, jump in my 1976 Ford Pinto, and I'm going to the convention. Your soul mate wants to find you at the height of your passion. 

Be you and do what you are passionate about. 

Have fun on your own, you don't need someone else to make you happy.

Learning to empower yourself will give you a keen sense of clarity. You are going to need this manifest what you seek. Discover how you can develop this clarity and not miss out on your very best  click here to hone your clarity.

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