Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to wait for your soul mate: Part four of a five part series.

Do you believe you have a soul mate out there somewhere?

Can you feel them?

If so, this is the starting point.

"Therefore I say unto you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them".
Mark 11:24

You have to know what you want. I shared in a blog post How to attract your soul mate: the secret of the list that gives an understanding of the concept. You have to know the things you want. This concept applies not only to soul mates; but, to every aspect of your life. We spend some much time wrapped seeking approval, following others and the cares of life that we forget to ask, "What do I want"? 

What Jesus was talking about is clarity of intent. For prayer and the law of attraction to work we must become very clear in our intentions. He said, "THINGS", and things cover everything, right?  Do you have a clear intend concerning what you want? If you put out unclear intentions, then you will have unclear results. You basically say, "I'll take whatever", and whatever is what you get. You will attract your X in a different body.

What "THINGS", you ask. Not what others ask for you; but, what YOU ask! You have to think about you. What are your dreams, what is your vision, what do you seek? You carry a divine purpose and that divine purpose wants you to have THINGS, soul mate included. 

When you pray believe that you receive them. The time to believe is now! You have your soul mate now. Your divine self has placed an inner vision in your heart concerning your soul mate. If it was an impossible task then you would not possess the vision. The divine substance inside of you has created your soul mate and all you have to do is believe. You got to believe it, before you ever see it. Your list, your desire has to be so strong inside of you that you activate the law of attraction. You must know it will happen.

Believe and receive, doubt and go without! 

Never settle for second best...if a person doesn't jive with your list then scratch them off your list of potentials.


Knowing "who you are" helps you bring clarity to your list. When I was waiting on my Soul Mate I held my list as sacred. If I met a woman and discovered she didn't match the list I scratched them off my list of potentials. Not to appear super holy, or a kill joy, I suggest to never get physical with anyone who doesn't jive with the vibe of your list. When you get physical too fast that physical experience can cloud your judgment. If that physical gets good, hot and heavy you engage your emotions and develop feelings too quickly. This can lead to the compromise of your list. It might take a while for the "New Love Feeling" to not feel lovin' anymore. You wake up next to some jerk and all you have is "someone you don't really like, but they are really good in bed." When the honeymoon is over you will find yourself back at square #1. You settled for second best, you developed feelings for someone who is not right for you, and now feel stuck in a unhappy relationship. Your list and your sense of clarity will keep you from falling in this trap. 

Your Soul Mate should rock your's really nice if they are good in bed too!

Like the old timers used to say: "Don't put the cart, before the horse."

If you receive it before you have it, then you must be grateful for it. Begin to thank God for your soul mate. You prayed, you made your list and you know what you want. Now be grateful that you have it now. You must know deep down on the inside that you possess it right now! Say you have it! 

You placed an order when you made your list and if what you see in front of you at the restraunt table is not what you ordered then: "Return to the sender." This package is not for you! The package might look nice, you might be dying to open that package; but deep inside you know it's not your package. To open this package means compromise. It means you don't believe that the Universal law will deliever. To open the package is a lack of faith.

When I attracted my Soul Mate over five years ago I was playing music in pubs. I had a lot of women approach me and offer me the package. I knew in my Spirit that this wasn't the package I ordered. The problem was it was a really nice package on the outside. The inside didn't vibe with the contents of the list. It was hard sending those packages back and whole time I was tempted to sign for it. For me it was wrong. Why? I knew it wasn't my package and I looked at my list as sacred. Here is the biggest lesson I ever learned:

My package was so amazing that waiting was a small price. If I would have opened those other packages I would have missed my intended package.

Now all you have to do is wait. You have to wait for the universal law to deliver and never settle for second best.

You will receive it if you believe it. It is yours already. All you have to do is to posses it on the inside.

Manifesting your soul mate of your dreams is possible. All you have to do is believe. 

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