Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to wait for your soul mate: part five of a five part series.

Wisdom principle: 

Don't forget about your other soul mates!

We are so concerned about attracting our soul mate we miss other soul mates on the path. They are placed on our path to teach us, to support us and to bring energy into our experience. 

Soul mates are much more than a magnetic couple sharing the journey. We have friends who are soul mates. We have co-workers who are soul mates we labor along beside. We have neighbors who are soul mates. Some of our soul mate are even our family members. Soul mates are kindred souls that we click with on an energy level. They improve our life, they offer support and they make our path a better place. There is something about a soul mate that is on a very spiritual level; it is like we have known them our entire life when we first meet, and we feel we share a past even though the relationship is new. Some how the universe brings us together.

There are two types of soul mates.

The life long soul mate


The two guys who meet in high school and 40 years later they are still inseparable. The two girls who meet in girl scouts and are now helping their grand daughters sell girl scout cookies at the Walmart entrance. The couple that gets married right after high school and are now celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and still deeply in love. Many people experience life long soul mates and that is part of their evolution. 

Seasonal soul mate


These soul mates enter your life for a season. Once you begin to raise your spiritual energy, you might tend to change a lot. You are moving faster and stuff changes more often. I call it a shift taking place. Things, people and circumstances will change sometimes very quick. That's because if you don't move with the shift you become stagnant and your energy drops.

So, you might go through many life partners; many friends; many jobs; many address changes and always be moving. You might not have the roots the life long soul mates have; but, what you will have is experiences. Each experience expands you and makes you the person you are destined to become. 

You can't judge your relationships in terms of time; but, in terms of the quality of the experience collected. Live in the now and don't project too much into the future.

When you progress on this journey you will encounter soul mates on different levels and during different seasons. When I first hooked up with my soul mate and began a path together; we moved around 11 times in 3 years. Talk about 2 hyper rolling stone types. We could barley sit still a New York second and we collected a ton of experiences. We landed a gig in a blues club, we traveled around FL hitting the beaches and selling handmade jewelry, we took a short move to the Mountain's of WV, we landed in jail once, we were homeless for 2 months, we lived in the country and we now live in da' hood. We once gave away; burnt; threw away; or sold every material possession we had in search of our mission and purpose. Once we came to a place of nothing, we discovered all things. We found our spot, we found our purpose and we have encountered countless seasonal soul mates during our adventure. Spirit placed them on our path to assist us on our journey. It's been a wild ride.

So, as you wait for your soul mate, don't forget the other soul mates on your path.

Live with gratitude for who spirit has placed on your path and be ready for the shifts.

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