Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Prodigal's Paradoxes: Moving Past Failure!

"For this my Son was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found".

Luke 15: 24

 I wrote the Prodigals Paradoxes during one of the wildest spiritual times in my life. I just gotten out of jail...my precious little soul mate and I were homeless. I never thought it could happen to me; but, a string of bad luck, a little too much party and lack of clarity in life can cause you to drift off track.

I Felt stuck! 




You ever felt that way?

It's like you wake up and thinking how did this happen to me? How did I create such a big mess in my life?

That's the right question to ask when your life is in a mess....How did I create such a big mess?

No need to place the blame on others....take responsibility....start over in your creation!

So I wrote some affirmations to help me regain my focus. See even though I had lost it all, much like the Prodigal Son I experienced an awakening during my darkest point. I was in the mess...but no longer saw a mess.

It was these affirmations that gave me power and strength. These affirmations were my rock and my house was not shaken by the storms of life.

I am alone, but never lonely.

I am forsaken, but never forgotten.

I am ashamed, but lifted up.

I am weak, but I am strong.

I am blind, but I can now see.

I am lost, but I am now found.

I am naked, but I am clothed.

I am forgotten, but I am remembered.

I am weeping, but I am full of joy.

I am worried, but I have no cares.

I am hungry, but I am full.

I am the least, but I am the Son of God.

For today I will trust in the God that resides within me. I shall lift my eyes to the hills from whence comes my help. When my enemies rise up against me, I shall drive them out with the power of my words. I shall speak life and not death. For I abide under the shadow of the almighty and her love shall comfort me. In weakness I say I am strong; in poverty, I say I am rich; in sickness I say I am health. I shall posses the dream that is dormant in my heart. I will mount upon the wings of my Angels and fly like the Eagle. I shall live and I shall not die. I will inspire the hearts of kindred souls on the path and I shall do well. This is my last time around, these are my last days. 


For deeper insights into the Prodigal Son story check out the Prodigal Diaries. It shows how we discover God through collecting experiences and not by following the traditions of men. I had a vision once and saw how this little book will one day touch countless people. Peace out and be blessed. 

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