Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Healing Ancient Wounds: The Key of Repair

What do you do with inner pain? 

 You can't snap your fingers and make it simply go away. The problem with inner pain is that it's often hidden within us. Then an event takes place that causes our pain to emerge. It could be something as simple as someone pulling out in front of you in traffic and you flip out. You cuss, you scream and you flip them the bird. Why? What is the big deal? What made you flip? The event triggered your inner pain and the pain emerged in the form of anger. 


Key#1: Reflection

The first key is reflection. During our first post you were given journal exercises; if you didn't read the post or need a refresh then Click here. During these exercises you are to reflect on your past hurts and try to develop a history of your hurt. The longer you work at it the more information will emerge from your experience. A journal is a powerful tool of transformation. It doesn't have to be a fancy journal; the ones I have used for years is the Wexford composition books. Most of my blog post are harvested from my journals.

 What you need to discover is the who, why, and what of your hurt. 

Key#2: Repair


Now that you are trying to discover who, why, and the what of your hurt; you are now ready to repair what is messing with you. You now must start working with your feelings. Ask yourself, why do I do the things I do? Why do I get so angry when someone pulls out in front of me? Why do I get hurt on the job and go home and eat a large pizza and a gallon of ice cream? Why do I get mad at my wife and head to the local bar to get blind drunk? Why do I feel the way I do?

Now start recording all your findings in your journal. Write it down even if you don't know why you felt that way. "Today I flipped the bird to a middle aged man having a mid life crisis driving around in his fancy corvette to compensate for his small unit and expanding gut. The A-hole pulled out in front of me and made me brake and spill my coffee. So, I flipped him the bird and screamed go Fuck Yourself."  

Now we are making progress and it felt good to flip him off! 

Why did it feel good?

The Spiritual part of you needs you to work on your feelings.The Spirit within you allows you to perceive great truths and experience love in it's highest form. What you believe and feel on the inside, determines your experience on the outside. So what you are doing is allowing your Spiritual part of you to teach you. It desires to show you the path to your healing. Just ask it: why do I feel the way I do? Spirit I want you to teach me and guide me on this journey. Spend time in reflection, in your journal, in meditation, or some kind of solitude where you connect with your higher self. Then when you walk out into this external world look for the signs. Then work with the signs. You work with them through your feelings.

Ask why do I react and how do I redirect my action to my highest good?


You will find your not really mad at the guy who pulled out in front of you. Something bigger is eating away at your life. That bigger something is what I have to deal with and get out of my inner life. Resentment, hidden anger and hurt only hurts you in the long run. 

You already know that, right? 

This path to Inner Healing takes time. I wish I could give you some easy answers, I can't. I write from my experiences. I always thought myself to be spiritual. I remember sitting in a chair right after the Doc told me I had cancer and he didn't know how far it had spread. I sat there thinking, "God how did this happen to me?" I thought I was spiritual, I thought I had done all theses affirmations, meditations, prayers and all this spiritual stuff? What the hell? Then the spirit spoke crystal clear through my inner voice:

"Your cancer is a symbol of your bitterness."

It took me a seven year journey after that to uncover all that stuff. I went through hell to discover PEACE. I found that free spirited teen that once lived inside of me. My whole world changed and new possibilities began to emerge from within me. The middle age dude in the fancy corvette; I just don't see him anymore. I walk through life peaceful and full of wonder. 

BUT..., I had to reflect and process how I felt... I had to let go of a lot of stuff and find peace. 

Our Third Key in this lesson is the one that will set you free and bring you to a place of wonder. It took me 7 years and a trip to jail to find it.

Discover the third Key and open your heart to healing  click here!

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