Tuesday, April 8, 2014

7 Steps to change your Destiny!

Do you want to reach your Destiny, or do you want to end up Destitute? 


Many souls end up in a land of Spiritual Destitution. They might possess the trimmings of a good life; the cars, the house, the 3 kids, the dog and the white picket fence; but, deep inside they feel something missing. 


Do you ever feel that inner nagging that something just doesn't feel right?

The inner nagging is your inner spiritual dude trying to inform you that you need to transform. We sometimes confuse this inner nagging with a feeling of anxiety and wonder what's wrong. The key is to not confuse this spiritual tension with a state of mild depression, boredom, or a feeling that life sucks right now. We must roll up our sleeves and begin to work on our inner Spirit.

The Seven Steps are meditation points and are designed to let you discover where you are on your path. Gaining an understand of where you are is vital in the fulfillment of your Destiny.

Step #1: The Step of Design.

Deep within each of us is a Divine Design and purpose for our life. If you haven't discovered yours yet, then take time in meditation and reflection. What are your loves, hopes, goals and dreams?  Spend time working on yourself and discover your Divine Design. If you already know what you want then you are on this step. Remember: the #1 step is always easy.

Step #2: The Step of Detain.

Once you head out to claim your Destiny you will be detained! Why? Could it be to ensure you don't move out to fast? Could it be you have lesson's to learn? Do you need to raise your energy?  Could it be new knowledge you need? Think about it!

Step #3: The Step of Deviation.

You are going to Deviate from the path! You are going to mess up! You are going to miss it! Deviation does not equal failure. Deviation is the Universe's way of saying: "WELCOME TO THE GAME"! Turn your dreams into a game you play with yourself.

Step #4: The Step of Devour!

How bad do you want it? If you really want it you are going to have to devour information; collect new experiences, and expand your mindset. You have been detained, you have deviated, and now is the time to learn from your experience. Devour the new things Spirit has in store for you to discover.

Step #5: The Step of Devise.

Take what you Devoured and devise a battle plan! Not a detailed plan from step A to B, but a new way of conducting your life. A new lifestyle...a new way of thinking...a new way to face the battles of life.

Step #6: The Step of Detachment.

Work your plan and step outside of the emotion. Detach from the negativity of the tribal mindset and know you can reach your dream! Your Divine Design will come to past.

Step #7: The Step of Declare!

Declare who you are to the Universal Law of Faith. Speak your Destiny into manifestation! The dreams you carry is your destiny to achieve. Keep speaking life into your dreams. Be bold, be strong and it will come to past.

It is who you are and the dream inside you that counts. It's creating the musician, the artist., the teacher, the business person, the leader, the writer that is hidden within you. 

You can drive yourself, or be driven by others. 

Just remember that everything you need to reach your destiny is within you. You want to win. You want to conquer. You can do it. Just be diligent and put your best into every day.

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