Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Change your Tomorrow Today!

Where are gonna be tomorrow?

How ya gonna face sorrow?

Where ya gonna be when you die?

Nikki Sixx  Tomorrow by Sixx AM

"This place is hot man; a dude got murdered last week right in this spot where we are fuckin' sittin'; damn this part of town is off the chain."  When he said that I must admit I got a little nervous. I was in a strange town in Florida and a older black cat I met at a local hotel took me into the hood to score some weed. I sensed everything was cool; but, I felt that edge that I had played with my entire life. It seemed like an eternity before the runner got back with my stuff. The old dude sensed I was nervous and said, "don't worry man you straight, you with me; you ain't gonna get ripped off. Now if it was just you it might be another mother fuckin' story".

As I drove off I could feel death. The story went through my mind of how a dude got his head blown off right where I was sitting. I could feel the residue of his death as I drove through the hood. I began to question my own life and how many chances could I keep taking. 

Why was I the way I was? 

Why did I play with the edge and cater to my dark side? I had this very spiritual aspect to my inner make up and I had this street smart teen who still lived inside of me. How will I ever bring balance to my life before I end up a headline?

The song Tomorrow by Nikki Sixx is a doorway into your tomorrow. This song was instrumental in bringing my own life into perspective. Nikki; who has traveled and navigated the dark side of life provides 3 truths for us to ponder. I had to explore these truths to bring a sense of balance and guidance to my life. I was going to expound on each truth; but, I feel it's best for me to throw them out and let you meditate upon the concepts. I also have posted the song with lyrics so you can soak in the energy. This song has made a huge impact on my life and I feel I should share it with you.

The 3 Truths:


 You're gonna have to live with the things you say!



 You'll have to cross bridges that you burned today!



 Everything you do, it's coming back for you, you'll never out run, what waits for you tomorrow. 


I challenge you to look at yourself and your life. Think of these truths and remember that you are creating your tomorrow today. 

Sixx Am Tomorow

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