Friday, April 4, 2014

The Way of Abundance and the Power of Acceptance!

Why do people have trouble accessing their life dreams? 

Why do we feel trapped at times? Why do we yearn for something and really don't know what that something is? We feel this thing missing and we just can't seem to find or fix it. We yearn for a new car and are sick and tired of our current rust bucket. We strive and finally we get the new car. Then one day glancing out the window a few months later we see the new car and what happens disturbs us. 




We still feel that thing.

That Missing Thing!

I lived that way for many moons and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't shake the thing. I carried that missing part and it lingered in my soul. I searched for many years and I arrived at a place of nothing. I had no material possessions, I went through a jail experience, I went through a time of being homeless and during this time of nothing I had a Spiritual Quickening. I learned through the place of nothing just how intrinsic and intricate the Universal Law is in accessing our dreams. I discovered 3 Doorways to access my dream and walked into a new mindset. If the Law is real that, "WHAT I PUT OUT IS WHAT I GET BACK",  I sensed that acceptance is the access that actives the attraction.

The Pathway of Divine Abundance began to teach me how to follow the Way....the Way leads to place where all your needs are met....where there is no sense of want....a place of Divine Contentment and Calm....Abundance is only a feeling you begin to radiate brightly!

You become free from the feeling of the Missing Thing! 

Doorway #1: The Doorway of the Way!


The WAY is it, is the only WAY it is! I have to accept that and realize that I am what I am. Everything we have in our lives we created it and we must be willing to accept it. We must live with a attitude of gratitude for what the WAY has delivered this far and accept it 100%.


This is who I am, this is what I got and this is what I do. 

That simple! The WAY has brought me to this place in time.

Beyond the Doorway of the Way there is nothing missing....all is in place for the Journey!

Doorway #2: The Doorway of the Day!


All I have is toDAY and what will I do with it? Every DAY has opportunities for change. You can change your thoughts, change your actions, change your words, change your feelings, control your emotions and learn to accept the WAY it is. Change is a ToDAY project! I do what I can do toDAY! Accept where you are toDAY and put energy into the DAY. Live in the now and create a peak experience on a DAilY basis. 

You get only one shot at your Doorway of the Day....when the Sun Sets it power will disappear into the darkness....and Midnight the Door Slams Shut! is a game of get in, grab what you can and get out with all you can before the Door of the Day slams shut!

Doorway #3: The Doorway of the Pay!


You have to PAY for your dream. What you have to PAY with is your daily energy. Acceptance does not mean you can't have a desire to change, to grow and to reach for more. We can't look at what we don't have and forget to work with what we do have. You PAY each day with your attitude of gratitude; with commitment; with action; and taking the necessary steps to manifest the dream you found on the WAY. Every DAY you PAY the price the Universal Law starts sending you dividends based upon your actions.

The Doorway of the Pay is where you pay the price for you Dream....your Dreams are Divine Ideas your Spirit has placed within you. The price you pay is your creativity and energy. You take these Dreams from their lazy dream state and manifest them into your reality.
The Price is your Creativity and Energy! 

Accept what the WAY has given you this DAY and PAY for your tomorrow beginning toDAY.

The Pathway of Divine Abundance requires you to accept yourself and where you are on your path.....engage your divine creativity and energy to transform your life....everything is okay....remain of good courage....and you will find the Way to your destiny!

You are what you are....Accept that!

Remember Personal Freedom Rocks! 

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