Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Mysterious Gift in your Hand

 The Pathway of Divine purpose leads to a place in this world where only you can fill...while traveling this Path you begin to feel the gift in your hand!

Have you ever questioned your ability to pull off your dream? Do you have a vision of how your life should be; but you feel stuck inside a fantasy? Your dreams seems so far away and overtime you begin to doubt yourself. Your mind tends to focus on what you don't have and is blind to the power you possess.

There was a dude in the Bible called Moses. The Children of Israel we trapped in captivity and bound as slaves. God told Moses that he was going to use him to free the people of Israel. He was to tell them that God was going to bring them out of the land of affliction and into a land of promise.  The problem was that Moses had been on the back side of the desert for quite a few years tending sheep and didn't feel he was up for the Savior of the people gig. He said to God:

"But, suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice; suppose they say, 'The Lord has not appeared to you.' "

We are given divine inspired dreams concerning our life and purpose. Often we doubt we are up for the gig. We feel that we are not qualified for the task that is placed in our heart. Doubt is the great thief of the promise and hinders us in manifesting our dreams. Like Moses we feel we will be rejected if we move forward and follow our dreams. We feel like we have been in this desert for so long and we start to accept the fact that are dreams are mere fantasies. 

The Spirit spoke to Moses and said:

"And the Lord said to him, 'What is that in your hand?"
He said, "A ROD."

That ROD contained all the gifts and power he needed to fulfill the mission in life. He could perform countless spiritual acts with his ROD and with it's power he influenced a nation. All those years of tending sheep in the desert and he didn't even know the power he held in his hand. He was blind to his gifts.

While traveling the Pathway of Divine purpose you must look for the gift in your hand!

There is something very special about you and there is a gift in your hand. Think about your dream and purpose and look at your hand. Where do your talents, abilities and and gifts reside? What relationship do these gifts have with the dream you carry in your heart. Now stop looking at your mountains; stop looking at your obstacles; and stop looking at the things that hold you back. Start looking in your hand and discover that supernatural thing you already have.

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