Monday, May 5, 2014

Healing Ancient Wounds: The Key of Revival

"Hey man get the hell over here I think he's OD-ING" I screamed as this dude fell back right in front of me and started having a seizure. I felt fear and amazement at the same time. I was only 15 and it was my first of many "Overdose Rodeo" I ever experienced. The guys on the other side of the alley ran over and one guy said, "Get his tongue, don't let him sallow it"." " I ain't grabbing his fucking  tongue, you do it". I said as I was holding his head and flipping out. The oldest guy in the crew who hung out at the Volunteer Fire Department said, "Watch out, let me in here", as he busted through the circle of Hippies. "What the fuck did he do man"?  I said, " he took a bunch of ludes, then took a big hit off a bong and hit the dirt man." He reached in and grabbed his tongue; I think he slapped him around a few times, keep calling his name and finally the dude game out of it. 

He revived our friend and it was a very intense experience to say the least.

We look at our first #2 Keys of Inner Healing. The #1 Key was reflection. What you are trying to do is discover your history of your hurt. The #2 Key was repair. Repair is where you start working with your feelings. So, once you get a grip on why you hurt and why you feel the way you do, you can start working on the #3 Key.

Key #3: Revival


We live in a society that is over dosing on pain. This pain is manifest in our anger and our lust for drama. If you don't believe it then just do a steady diet of reality TV for a week and you will drink in enough drama for 3 or 4 lifetimes. Don't get lost in this sea of emotion and allow your life to be in a constant state of drama and pain. I am going to give you 3 Doorways to the Revival you need. Look at me as the older dude in my story, busting through the circle and reviving my friend.

The Doorway of Love

You have to learn to love yourself. One of the greatest lessons I learned from  Louise Hay was that you have to love yourself. Louise Hay is one my favorite teachers and her book, "You can heal your life" is amazing. Click on her name and it will lead you to her site. I highly recommend her books and teachings. I am not an affiliate and make no money from your visit. I wanted to share her teachings with you; because she taught me to love myself and her teachings were instrumental in my healing process; both emotionally and physically. You have to learn to love yourself and find that special thing that resides within you.

The Doorway of Acceptance

Do you accept yourself? Once you accept yourself you have nothing to defend. Nothing can get to you. Acceptance brings Inner Healing. Once you accept yourself you can begin to accept others without judgment and allow them their own spiritual evolution. When someone judges me, I now understand them as someone who has not granted their self acceptance. Accepting yourself is a big mountain many of us must move to reach our higher purpose.



The Doorway of Forgiveness

You have to forgive those that hurt you. You don't have to repair the relationship; but, you must forgive them. Forgiving them releases you from all past hurts and pains. Then, you have to forgive yourself. I had to forgive myself for all the stupid stuff I did to me. I now understand that everything is part of a purpose that I just don't understand. I now learn from my lessons and move on to higher ground. Once I forgive myself for all my stupid stuff, I can cut everyone else a break.  It's all energy in motion. I have had my share of getting hurt!... I have did my share of hurting others!... I have did my share of hurting myself!... It's all part of the game of life and through the friction of the physical plane we can learn some amazing lessons.

So how do you revive yourself from the drama of day to day life. The Sage understands that love, acceptance and forgiveness is the most powerful path to travel. I love myself, so I can love others. I accept myself, so I can accept others. I forgive myself, so I can forgive others. Through love, acceptance and forgiveness I discover the peace and grace of God. 

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