Monday, May 26, 2014

7 Day War on Worry

Why do we worry? 

We live in a society driven by anxiety and fear, don't we? If you watch the news on a daily basis you're served a steady diet of fear. You'll hear of murders, rapes, gangs, and robberies. You ingest woes about the economy, unemployment and the uncertainty of Social Security. You hear of cancer, STDS and the latest flu going around the region. The news is designed to scare the living hell out of you and place you in a state of constant worry. You walk out your door and fear the phantom rapist is right around the corner.

The 7 Day War on Worry is designed to free you from your anxieties. 


Each day you will focus on a new truth and work it into your thoughts and feelings. Each day you will discover a flip of  "life's script", and set the stage for a peaceful scene.  What you are trying to do is renew your mind to Spirit based thought patterns that will generate a free and peaceful life.

The Spiritual you doesn't do worry. You are designed to live a free, peaceful and joyful life. To walk in a constant state of worry is not your Spiritual design. You are designed to live an abundant and fruitful life while here on earth. You can't buy into the negativity that surrounds and assaults you on a daily basis. You have to break free and rid yourself of anxiety.

Jesus expected people to walk in peace; to walk in love, and to experience an abundant life. If He would have been here in the 60's the Beatles would have had a 5th band member. Your emotions are a divine gift and they need to be in line with the Spiritual you. Your emotions were never intended to be used destructively and worry is a destructive emotion. You can live in peace if you pursue the life of faith and trust in your higher power.

Day One:
I refuse to worry!

 This is where you start. When worry hits you say: "I refuse to worry. I see things going well.". You are working into your Spirit that, "I refuse to worry". Jesus said: "Do not be anxious about your life"   

You can decide to not worry. 

Day Two:
Cast my cares upon God!

Give your cares and worries to God. Believe that the Divine Spirit is going to provide all your needs. Divine Spirit is going to keep you safe. Divine Spirit is going to guide you. You cast your worries on God in the form of prayer and believe that Spirit is going to work things out. 

Miracles will happen and doors will open.

Day Three:
Return to sender!

When my Soul mate gets a negative thought she says: "Returns to sender".  There are negative spirits and forces that desire to pull us down. So when a negative thought form comes across our minds we must cast it down. We must return to sender. I always say: "I reject that negative energy", and I battle the thought. If it hits me a 100 times a day; then I reject it 100 times a day. 

Overtime the energy of the negative spirit will wane and lose all power over you. It will skip you and go to your neighbors house and offer them a dose of poverty, depression or whatever sickness it has on special this week. 

Day Four:
Adopt New Thoughts!

You think you are going broke: instead think all your needs are met. You think you are getting sick: instead think health. You think things are going bad: instead think things are going great. 

He can choose what you think. 

Day Five:
Speak New Thoughts:

Incoming Thought: 
Your not going to have enough money to make it this month. 

You speak:
I reject that negative energy. I return that to sender. I am abundant, all my needs are met. 

Get the concept.

Day Six:
See Things Going Well

I wrote a blog post on How to handle difficult times and to see things going well. You have to change your mindset to believe that the best is coming. You have to see things going well. How many times have you worried about something and it never happened? Everything turned out okay, right? Well you just wasted a large part of your life worrying about something that didn't even happen. 

Once you eliminate worry and see things going well the positive things in your life will resonate faster and faster.

Day Seven:
Accept your New Life!

Live in a world where things go well. I am not talking about a world without challenges. I talking about a world where you face and overcome your challenges. I don't live a challenge free live; I live a life where I see myself victorious over the giants I face in life. I believe that my advertises are my assignments and I have the power to overcome them and live a empowered life. I accept my new life that is free of worry and fear.

 I can do all things, and there is nothing I can not handle.

You Got This Kid!

Declare your war on worry. Take the seven day challenge. Take each day and work each concept into your mind and heart. Taking a day to focus on one truth will work that new thought  into your Spirit.  You don't have to live a life of worry and anxiety. You can walk in divine peace and freedom. 

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