Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to "TUNE IN" without doing LSD!

Remember Timothy Leary's Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out? An integral part of the Spirit led life is the ability to "Tune In" to your Spirit. How do you make Spirit your guide without dropping some Purple Haze?

 The Hippie Counter Culture was very influential in the opening of the minds of an entire generation. We fought to "Make love, not war", race relations, women rights, questioning of authority, exploring other religions, experimentation with psychoactive drugs, free love and peace. We were inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche, Goethe, Herman Hesse, Jesus and Eastern religions. Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Grateful Dead, and all the cool Hippie bands of the 60's carried the battle cry. We were burnt out with the reality of a materialistic and narrow minded view of carried by our forefathers. The group soul was crying out for more than the house and white picket fence mindset.

I experienced the aftermath of the movement and wished I had been born just a few years earlier. I got stoned with a lot and hippies from the movement that still carried the Woodstock flag. I rejected authority, rejected organized religion, smoked pot, dropped acid, listened to the music of the movement and if I was a woman I would have burnt my bra. I spent around seven years living the life. I left school, partied like a rock star, and sought personal freedom. 

Just like the movement; I crashed and I burned. I gave into the system and became a tie wearing materialistic yuppie. The house, the cars and the white picket fence left me empty. I crashed and burned on the American Dream. All the Material stuff in the world could not fill the void.

We lost balance in the Flower Power Movement. When using drugs is your only source to Spiritual discovery you begin to lose touch with reality. When the crash came we gave into the brainwashing of the system and became the yuppies. Within the crash a few souls survived and the New age and New Thought movement carried the torch. Opened minded book shops opened across the planet serving books, incense and self-discovery workshops. Churches like Unity, Christian Science, and churches that taught self-empowerment began to flourish. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and a host of other new thinkers began to led us to freedom and personal power. 

The movement didn't die, it just transformed.

So I want to past to you a very simple concept on how to be led by the Spirit. How to Tune into your Spirit. I want things simple and easy. I have read a bunch of esoteric teachings and come out none the wiser. Some of the systems are so complex and they carry an elitist attitude. That's why I am into the teachings of Jesus. They are so simple and they are so deep. You begin to work with the concepts on a spiritual level and they simply take you deeper and deeper. Easy to understand and deeper than you think. Not a lot of doctrines and systems, just profound advice to live a free spirited life.

Here is the best way I can't explain how to be led by the Spirit. It's the way I taught my soul mate and she thinks I'm the sexiest teacher in the world.

1. You start asking how to things feel. You begin to feel your way around. Man is a Spirit being. The nature of God is inside of you. With our spirit we can contact the spirit world.

2. Deep in your feelings is your emotional guidance system. It's the inner voice and inner witness you listen to when choosing your directions.We need to become spirit conscious and not rely on the 5 senses alone. The inward man is what we call conscience, intuition, inner voice or a inner witness.

3. The Inner witness is simple. This is how it works for me. You ask how do things feel. 

Red Light:
I experience a grieving feeling. Like something is wrong. This red light has keep me alive more than a few times. When I feel it, I don't move forward. I don't act. I wait.

Green Light:
I experience a feeling of peace. When I experience that feeling I move forward. I move very fast, because the Spirit is showing me the times is right.

4. The Inner voice grows as you listen to the Inward witness. The only way I can describe it is words or phrases that come up from my Spirit. I usually write them down in my journal. They can be a message of guidance, wisdom, or warning. Trust me the voice is there and will grow as you become aware of it and begin to listen to it. I encourage you to journal and write down everything it speaks to you.

Focus on these four points and grow from there. You can be led by your Spirit and be free from a lot of heartache. Once you get these down you can start working on dreams and visions; but, that's a different post. 

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