Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to wait for your manifestation!

Pathways of Creativity are Designed for the Slow Roll.....You can't rush Spirit and you can live according to preset time-tables...the bread must bake in the oven.

Alright now! You have read the Law of Attraction, Think and Grow Rich, and 10 Seconds to Power: by I live in USA and I want it now. You made a list of stuff you think you want. You do your affirmations, throw in a couple of chants, do some yoga and pop your head out the door and wonder why your BMW is not sitting in the driveway?

Face it man, we want things now and we want them fast. If we don't get them now and we don't get them fast, we get frustrated and pissed. 

What we fail to understand is that if we want to master the manifestation process we must master the waiting process. 

During the waiting process we discover what is the real divine vision spirit has placed in our heart and what is the relentless demands of the ego.

The demands of the ego must be eliminated from our life. I am not saying that we can't have things; but, you can't seek things to define your experience. The divine power within you is more special than just trying to attract a bunch of shit into your life to inflate your ego. 

The power is activated through your divine purpose and the vision of your Higher Self. 

Once you discern that purpose, then all the stuff need for your quest will manifest in your life when the time is right. Spirit's delays are not denials; they are seminars preparing us for the next shift. There are times when you are waiting for the energy to be right. When the energy is right you can make your move. If the energy is not right then you have to WAIT! 

You must wait calmly and patiently. 

You must know the desires of your purified heart are on the way. You must see them as already granted. Your faith is the title deed that you have it now. You must believe it, before you ever see it.
You have to understand timing. You must learn to wait patiently. You must wait with a sense of calm. This calm must bring you to a place of divine relaxation. You can't allow tension to invade your spirit. You must eliminate all fear. If you really possess faith, love and hope you will have to agree to wait calmly. Some days you will do nothing. You sit and you wait patiently. You learn to relax in the calmness of this divine waiting process. Your efforts are no longer laced with emotion, frustration and a sense of struggle. You must know you already possess the desire of your heart even though it hasn't shown up in the physical realm. You only live for this day and you live everyday to the max.

 Be calm. Relax. All your needs are met. All your dreams are coming true. All you need is patience!



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