Friday, May 9, 2014

10 Power Points for reaching your Dream!

"Dude, where did you learn to play that? That was awesome"!  I caught this guy walking down the street and I invited him up to play my new guitar. I was a young teen with visions of rock stardom and he was one of the baddest guitar players in our town. He grabbed my guitar and nailed, "Stairway to Heaven", by Zeppelin, shredded it note for note. I stood in amazement. He then answered my question. He said, "I locked myself in my fucking room and just kept at it till I learned to play it". 

He just kept at it.

That's what we have to do with our dreams. We have to keep at it! The obstacles we face cannot conquer us...if we will just do it!  We must vow to improve ourselves and with every effort we take we manifest the dream. 

The key is that we must project the force of our will. There are no finality's in our experiences if we remain a free spirit. Make a mental note of these points and harness the power of your will.

My friend locked up in his bedroom till he learned to play Stairway to Heaven. What price will you pay to reach your dream? We cannot give up, we must keep at it! Your will has tremendous force if you will only activate it's power.  Inside of you is a dream and you honor that dream with commitment.

 If you believe it, you will achieve it.


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