Monday, May 12, 2014

The Key to Happiness!

My mind often reflects back to the 1970's when I was a directionless youth. I was a high school "drop in"; I dropped in about once a week. So, right before my 16th birthday I was given my walking papers and kicked out of school for good. I hit the streets full time and joined my band of friends as we ventured nowhere. We only cared about smoking pot, dropping acid, keg parties, music and chasing girls in daisy dukes. I signed up for the party; and that party lasted around 4 years before I crashed and burned.

Even though my band of friends were dealers, con-men, thieves, hustlers, addicts and the dregs of society; we had an affirmation of freedom. We didn't want to buy into the system and we wanted to be free. The problem was that we went about it the wrong way. Our only desire was not to get caught; where deep in our inner self we just didn't want to get caught up in the establishment.  Many of that crew died; some went to prison, some committed suicide and the rest of us went our separate ways. The party ended and we were forced to join the system or pay the price.

The Sage always looks for the lesson contained in the experience and seeks the positive seed hidden in the hay field of negativity.


What I remember most is something very simple. Something we said back then everyday of our lives. We would start each day out asking:

"What are we going to do today"

I never remember having plans. We only lived for the day. We were always looking for something to get into; something to do, and figuring how we were going to score the spoils of the day. No matter how much money we seem to acquire we always woke up broke. It was like we were in this place where only today mattered. We would say, "Let's party hard today, cause tomorrow we might die". 

Looking back we were really stuck in the now. 

Being stuck in that now had a certain amount of peace and freedom that I never experienced for many years. The reason being is that I learned to plan. I learned to goal set. I learned time management. I got trapped inside of the rat race and the rat race stole that peace I had and the freedom I enjoyed.

I got stuck waiting for tomorrow. I affirmed that something in my future will be better than my now. Life will be better when I get the nicer car; the bigger house; go on the big vacation; get the promotion and catch up with the Jones'. I can't wait till___________!  

There is always a "BIG BLANK!" to fill, isn't there?  

During the blank times tomorrow never comes. Even when I filled a blank my ego would slam another list of demands in my face. I lived my life thinking I can't wait till tomorrow. I always had a blank to fill, a" I can't wait till"; and I always had a reason to postpone my happiness. 

Now I think it's funny. Maybe that young street punk knew something I didn't. Maybe he knew that if I withhold my ability to be happy till tomorrow, that I would never get it. That the blanks never get filled and I have to receive my happiness today. 

I found the key to my happiness and I have been strutting around in this realm for some time now. The key is I don't make plans anymore and I just take each day as it comes. I don't have a plan for this blog I just write what I feel. I have a vision I am manifesting; but, I have learned to project very little energy and thought into the future. This is the biggest lesson I have learned; the key to my happiness, and it is a great decree to add to your life.

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