Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Prodigals Power: Journey to the Divine Feminine

To come to a place of power, I had to come to a place of nothing. I had to become lost, so I could be found. I had to become blind, so that I could see. I had to become nothing, so that I could become a part of all things. This path I travel is actually a Spirit path. The path of crashing and burning is a path where you become nothing again, a path of self-actualization. When you don't judge your life it stands before you limitless. This journey has brought me to a place where I really know who I am in a spiritual sense. I can now proclaim what I am.

The reason that a place of nothing is so beautiful is that you really discover the grace of God. If we don't understand grace, then our lives can never be lived graceful. When grace enters the soul, weakness has to leave. Grace expels the lack in natural man. Man turning to God in his place of nothing discovers his higher power. Nothing teaches man his need for God.

Grace makes man a friend of God. God's grace allows man to experience his supernatural charity. Grace gives man his divine power back and his need for Spirit propels him forward. 

Grace makes man a child of God. Just like our earthly parents gave us life in the natural, God's grace gives us supernatural life. We get born of spirit and the divine spark ignites our divine mind.

Grace makes us heirs of power. God's grace introduces us to divine vision. Grace is the seed and the seed produces the flower of vision. Grace makes us the child of God and we have the divine right to share in the wealth of happiness, prosperity and peace. 

Grace show us the beauty of the divine gifts that dwell within us. We possess the divine substance of the God force and we carry it's creative power. Our words can speak life or death and we are partakers in the power.

Grace leads us from Glory to Glory. We are always climbing to higher planes of consciousness in the realm of the Spirit. If we allow the divine mind to enter our thinking then life will stand before us as a limitless journey.

Grace teaches man to be kind, giving and loving. God's grace is so perfect and I am so messed up, it teaches me the power of the second chance. If I have been forgiven of so much, then that grace takes me to a new level of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

The Prodigals Power is grace. 

He sees his life as a gift from God. Because of his failures he now acts in a spirit of humility. What he wears is a gift; what he eats is a gift; where he lays his head is a gift; his friends are a gift; his breath is a gift, and he understands that it is the grace of God that makes him strong. 

So the Prodigal gains strength in softness. That's why on the cross, Jesus told John, 

 "Behold your Mother"

Mary carried the Christ. The Christ consciousness is birthed through softness. Real power is birthed through Grace. Real power comes from softness. There is a divine feminine side of God that we neglect. I never understood it till I read a book, "Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus Christ through Mary". 

"It is through the Most Holy Virgin Mary that Jesus Christ came into the world, and it is through her that he must reign in the world"
--St. Louis de Mantfort

This book was brought to me and I had trouble reading it because I'm not Catholic. Then spirit spoke to me and said," you read Buddha, right? You aint' no Buddhist, are you?  Read it and discover something different and expand your mind". What I saw was that Mary; the female, the softness, the grace, carried the Christ. I had to become soft to experience the grace and mind of Christ.

The Prodigals Power is grace. 

To become strong, he becomes soft.


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