Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Don't get owned!

Have you ever considered the list of people you desire to control you?

1. Your Parents. It started with them. They were responsible for you and they told you how to live.

2. Your Family. You inherited these nuts from your parents. Trust me they will add their 2 cents concerning your life and if you allow them they will drain you of all life force.

3. Your Tribe. It might be your church, your neighborhood, your neighbors, community activities and etc. You are presented with more humans who provide your life with unwanted opinions and unsolicited advice.

4. Teachers. They provide you with how to be educated into the system. Their job is to clone you into Wally Cleaver. Some teachers educate you into the system and some teachers educate you out of it.

5. Relationships. Spouses, friends and co-workers have a vested interested in controlling your destiny. What if you grow? You might leave and maybe that scares them into holding you "on" and "back".

Think of all the people who have their hand in your life's cookie jar.

I thought of this one day while on a meditative walk and it occurred to me:


Then minutes later I was led into a thrift shop book store. I felt that spirit had a book for me to snag. I walked into the shop and started scanning all the books and nothing leaped out at me. Something impressed me to keep looking.Then I got on my knees and started looking at all the old books on the bottom shelf. There tucked on the dusty bottom shelf  was a book I had read;........... many moons ago.

Wayne Dyer's Pulling Your Own Strings. I find the Spirit Led life to be very timely and clear. It was like finding a new friend so I gave it a ride. I discovered I had missed a few points since the last read. Sometimes it is better to return and experience wisdom again from a higher level of consciousness. What really hit me was a few things in Chapter One entitled, "Declaring yourself a Non-victim",

"People conspire to manipulate or control your behavior"


"Freedom is something you must insist upon"


"Never place TOTAL reliance in anyone other than yourself when it comes to guiding your own life" 


"This is my life, I experience it alone, and my time on earth is very limited. I cannot be owned by anyone else......if you love me , you love me for what I am, not for what you want me to be."



Then began to intuit over the next few days that: " I had to own my experience"!  I wrote the above quote in my journal and I started to understand that I am responsible for my life and it's destiny. No person can really understand my entire self and how Spirit has wired my mind. To be a Free Spirit requires me to believe deeply in the Higher Self that resides within me and to align to it's direction and power. 

I tried for years to seek approval and try to win people over and guess how it worked out for me?



What if we lived in a world where we taught people to follow their heart. To "be" and "do" what they dream to do; no matter how silly it may appear. If you want to grow your hair, strum your guitar and sell candles on the beach; then you have the right to your beach bum experience. Unless you were raised by some cool hippie parents this probably isn't your story. For most of us the world we live in desires to control us and make us conform to the beat of the tribal drum. I now find it sad.

So do you want your freedom?

Then insist upon it!

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