Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to ride out the storms of life

What do you do when faced with the storms of life? 

Don't they seem to rush into your life from nowhere and catch you unaware? 

It might be a divorce, a loss of a loved one, a illness, or losing of a job. No matter how Spiritually strong you may feel you can't stop the storms they are a part of life. 

Jesus talked about a man who built his house on the sand and another that built his house on the rock. He then said that, "When the storm comes." That's what strikes me in this parable is that the "storm comes." The storms of life are coming and we need to learn from the experience. Some people think that you can reach a point in life where everything is so cozy. If things aren't cozy our ego is offended and we wonder what we did wrong. That's the nature of the physical plane and we are going to face our share of storms. 

If the storms of life are coming how do we face it?


Well to enter into The Kingdom you must become like a why not turn it into a game?


You just play make believe. 

Pretend is how you ride out the storm. Pretend the aspects of your life is on a boat and you are crossing this lake. When crossing the lake a storm comes out of nowhere and you have to make it to shore. 


What do you do?


Give these three things some food for thought:

1. Tighten up loose ends. 

Is there something I have neglected?

2. Rid self of unnecessary weight.

Is there something I need to get rid of?

3. Keep your eyes on the port.

Where am I going?

The storms we face in life are great teachers.

When I answer the above three questions I gain an understanding of my life....what does this storm teach me about my life....because I attracted it...I accept responsibility...I am what I am!

 What if the storms of life are great seminars design to takes us beyond our fears and into a place of love?

It's can make it...just ride out the storm. 

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