Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting into the now: Christian or Zen?

I felt caught within this inner turmoil, but the book appeared so attractive to me. I had just left the life of a minister and was seeking my way. I read a book by a guy named Wayne Dyer and had snagged one of his inspirational cassette tapes. I heard him talk about ZEN and Getting into the now. I was taught that Zen, Buddha, The Bhagavad Gita, Taoism, and anything other than the Bible was demonic. Grabbing the book on Zen and purchasing it created a sense of guilt; and a sense of excitement. Walking to my car I felt like a married man sneaking out of a porn shop; like I had just did something wrong; like I had crossed a line and just sold my soul. But I carried within me this deep curiosity and had to discover for myself what everyone else believed.

My curiosity was hell bent on making the plunge. During a 7 year period I begin to search every "so-called" forbidden branch of knowledge and sought to craft my own belief system. I pretty much threw out the Bible, because I saw it as a book of restriction, rules and  dogma. I wanted to get as far away from that world of religious brain washing as possible and be a opened minded soul seeker.

Yet; in throwing out my Bible, I closed my mind.

Then one day in a Jail cell, I read the Bible again without the interference of man. I then began to see it as one of the greatest Metaphysical Books ever written and I discovered countless doorways available to my brand new open and free mind.

The main thing I discovered was that all these enlightened souls have essentially the same experience. They followed a path to the end, they became one with the absolute truth, and when you combine their writings; they form a mysterious union. The source of divine love, the path of life, and the treasures of heaven radiate from them all.

Wayne Dyer told me to get into the now. He introduced me to Zen, and I thought I discovered something new and fresh.

Getting into the now, had always been before my eyes, right in my Bible, I had just never seen it.

"This is the day the Lord has made,
We will rejoice and be glad in it"
Psalm 118: 24

Look real close:

This is the day:  We have a Day!

The Lord has made:  Spirit made you this Day!

We will rejoice and be glad:  For what? This Day, right?

Watch out, here it comes:

IN IT..........IN IT.........IN IT...........IN IT.........IN IT.........IN IT..........IN IT.........IN IT

Now read it again.....Do you see it?

Where did getting into the now come from?

Reading the Bible with Western eyes blinds us from Eastern truths.

The key is there is no West; there is no east; there is only truth.

Getting into the now is the Key to Happiness!

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