Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to drop out without dropping LSD!

Turn on, Tune in and Drop out!


This was the battle cry of the Flower Power movement. The problem was that many took the concept of "Drop Out" to just get stoned and give up on any constructive activity. What Leary meant was that to "Drop Out" meant self-reliance, singularity, a commitment to mobility and change. The problems arise when we use drugs to reach that point. We feel that they can open our minds to new levels of consciousness, but when we abuse them we lose touch with reality. There has to be a better way.

What the Spiritual seeker does is to chose to drop out of the negative emotions of the tribal mind and destiny.

The Spiritual seeker embraces love and does not walk in fear.

The Spiritual seeker pursues self-reliance, but developing a dream for their life.

The Spiritual seeker understands they are a single unit, but is still part of a community. He doesn't fight the system, he just drops out of the emotion.

The Spiritual seeker becomes mobile in their beliefs, feelings and actions.

The Spiritual seeker doesn't fear change. They understand that change is what makes us grow.

I ran across a hippie movement that desires to drop out of society. I have meet several of them personally. They gather in the forest through out the world and have gatherings. The gatherings have a very cool and  groovy 60's feel. They do embrace a deep spirituality and desire to be in tune with the nature self.  They talk of how bad the system is and the need to drop out of it. Yet, I discovered something interesting while observing their gatherings. They stay in tents. Tents came from the system. They strum guitars and beat drums provided by the system. They drive cars, hippie painted buses, that run on gas, all acquired by the system. I began to see there is really no way to drop out of the system. At some point we have to enter the system to supply a need. Even people who live "Off the grid" still have to at some point enter the matrix to meet a need.

I began to understand that even though I am a spiritual being for some reason I did come to this physical world. This world has governments that has been in place for 1000's of years. We have societies in this planet, we have systems of commerce that have been in place for generations. The fact is while I am here I have to be grateful for everything I have. Even though the system might seem so screwed up, I do dig simple stuff like hot running water provide by this system.

So I drop out by fighting the negative spirit of the system by changing myself. I have become giving in a system of greed, loving in a system of hate, peaceful in a system of war, and the list could go on and on. 

I am a Spiritual being in this real world. Maybe I can't change this whole world, but maybe I change the world for one person today. So, I say a kind word to a sales clerk, slide a few bucks to a homeless guy, or send a prayer of peace to someone hurting.

To drop out of the system can be achieved by simply stepping outside of the emotion.

 Peace out and be blessed

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