Saturday, July 12, 2014

Never Go Broke: The Divine Agreement

 The First Step on the Pathway of Divine Abundance is the understanding that you have a Divine Agreement that all your needs are begin to walk this Path requires that you stop trying to figure things have to just feel your way to day!

How the Hell did I get here?

I am broke!

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

The Job is bad!

The Pay is Low!

The Bills are high!

When your outgo,
exceeds your ingo,
your upkeep,
becomes your downfall!

That's how I felt when I walked in that Tee Shirty factory and scored a job for chump change. I was only 33 and felt that... "Life Down The Toilet Experience". I was toiling alright....right down the Big Toilet of life.  Just under three years earlier I was a Young Hot Shot preacher with his fancy little suits.... Big Meals..... Nice Paid for trips.... Nice Office... and all the pot luck you can eat. Oh my....Oh my....Oh my.....It was a plush life. But I walked away. I just didn't feel the need anymore. I was tired of seeking approval.

I decided to try things on my own.

Walking away was tough.

I got caught in a wilderness. The wilderness is a place where you feel lost. Nothing much works...nothing much happens...and nothing makes sense. You reach a place where you feel a void. You stop reading...stop arrive at a place where you begin to believe that you will be lost forever.

The  Pathway of Divine Abundance takes us through the Wilderness where we must face the Dark Night of our soul....once we get the more Dark Nights..
Only the Sun Shines!

My Wilderness led me to a Tee Shirt Factory working for a meager wage. I had a wife, a child and all the stuff life charges you for. After the charge I was broke. Leaving the Ministry had broken me. I was broke on the Inside and broke on the outside. I just couldn't find myself and I was unhappy and very lost.  Life was tough in the Wilderness ....nothing came easy. 

Everyone at the Tee Shirt Factory was just like me: BROKE. They all carried this deep sense of struggle. Life was hard....Life was a struggle....the Wilderness can break the Spirit of man forever.

As I listened to them talk.... their words told the story.....they where speaking death....I found no words of life..... I began to awake from my Wilderness experience. I saw why we were broke from the words and affirmations they uttered.

"There ain't no good jobs around here"

"There ain't no hope for the working man"

"Every time you get ahead in life, something knocks you down"

"Paycheck: It's spent before I got it"

"I am broke"

The reason we were broke is that our thoughts, words, actions and feeling say: 

I am broke!

If you find you are broke it is because the trails and circumstances of life have broke you. Something on a deep Inner Level has been Broken and simply needs healed. The more you utter the words:
I Am Broke!

the stronger the roots of the affirmation grows. Nothing works and everything seems to brake. The stove won't work because the gas is shut off, the car won't start and you are out of minutes on your phone.

In the land of the broke,
everything breaks!

I then understood that I was not broke. That I had a Divine Agreement that all my needs are met. I am never broke because my Spiritual Heritage is to be a child of the promise. I never looked back and the Promise provided. I was awakened from the slumber of the Wilderness and all things became new.

Then 17 years later I had a Supernatural Divine Quickening and the 17 year Journey began to come together.... From a place of nothing I discovered the source of all things.... I put the Divine Agreement to the test and every need I had was met. My Quest brought me to a place of calm and everything became easy. 

I learned to trust and follow my heart.

I understood that I was Never Broke.

The Pathway of Abundance leads to a Garden of Healing....You reach a place where you no longer feel feel healed....all fear is gone....everything is going to be okay...all is well!

It's going to be okay...

You are a Child of Promise...

and you have Discovered....

Personal Freedom Rocks!

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