Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Prodigal's Plight: the Guillotine of Guilt

The second plight on my path.


  The first monument I face is the Guillotine of Guilt. I make the regretful climb to the platform to grasp what awaits me. The sharp angle blade towers above me thirsting for my head. The blade is attached to a heavy wooden block. The weight of the block is what gives the blade of guilt it's swift and speedy verdict. The core of the wooden block contains all my transgressions, indiscretions and personal liabilities. It factors in my crimes, my charges, my wrongs; to remind me I deserve the blade. The block does not give the criminal time to explain himself; the block lives for the blade. The blade and block beckons me to move forward and place my head on the frame to accept the burden of guilt and receive my punishment.

My plight is to turn my guilt into grace.

I cannot amend my past. I can't make something better that is already done. Like Jesus said, "Let the dead bury their dead." How can I amend something that is dead? Now the dead people of my past must bury the dead that was once me. The only way for the dead to find life is to bury all that is dead. 

I am faced with two choices. Should I try to correct all the wrong I have done to others? Or do I pray that God gives them the grace to forgive me? So, I must ask myself a very honest question. Of the two choices who becomes their savior? Can I really save them from the bitterness they carry in hearts concerning me? Who is the best choice for a savior?

Do I burn a ton of energy trying to win people over who might not want to be won over?

Do I have to go back and convince them I am a sorry, that I have changed, and that I am now a different person?

If we reap what we sow, where my actions something they sowed? Have all the people who have wronged me a manifestation of wrong I have sown to others?

My guilt is an education in grace. While in the pig pen of shame I sought God's forgiveness. He forgave me and taught me the meaning of redemption. Through grace I can forgive others and ask others to forgive me. Shall I go on a crusade to amend my past? I think not! 

I will not lay my head on the frame and allow guilt to sever my head.

I am not a Savior....I am a seeker.

What I did, what others think I did, what I didn't do and what I should have done has the ability to haunt my every present moment.

My promise is not to fix my past, but to empower my present. I choose not to be guilt, but to be gracious. That grace teaches me to sow new seeds and reap a new harvest free of guilt.

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