Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Prodigal's Plight: The Monuments of my Past

The First plight of my path


Walking my new path I become keenly aware of the dark shadow before me. The massive shadow prompts me to look behind to discover it's origin. Looking back I am confronted with the monuments that my troubled past has constructed. The monuments are a detailed ledger attempting to balance my life's account. Some monuments remind me of my greatest victories, some reflect upon my deepest wounds and many expose my stupendous stupidity. They beckon me to turn and gaze upon their emotional laden history. I am tempted to reverse the forward progress of my path and relieve their tainted memories.

My plight is to turn the monuments of my past into tombstones.

If I focus on my past victories then my future will be contaminated by only spotlighting the times when life seemed so much better. This is a path that yearns for times past and my future competes with the good ole days. 

If I focus on my pain then I sentence myself to a prison of bitterness.  The prison of bitterness has no release date, no parole, .....the prison of bitterness is a death sentence. The seeds take root and choke out any form of inner life.....the cancer eats you from the inside out.

If I focus on my monuments of stupendous stupidity; then my path will lead to the valley of guilt, pity, and shame. It's a valley that keeps you stuck in a massive muck of failure; where you cast all your attention on your feet caught in the lose sight to the mountain tops. Like a sad homeless man walking the street; eyes cast with shame only see the sidewalk and lose the one thing that keeps us strong. That something is where we somehow feel worthy again. 

So my promise is to lift my eyes to the hills, from whence comes my help. I will turn every monument into a tombstone. 

My past will not direct my future.

From an old journal I found where I was doing some writings on the Prodigal Son. This is a section I found on "The Prodigal's Plight". Hope they inspire you and I plan on posting more in the future. 

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