Thursday, July 24, 2014

Walking in your own dream!

You were born into this world with a duty,
decreed by your own destiny!
Bhagavad Gita

Do you have a Dream? Do you live with a sense of destiny or do you feel driven by the wind? This fast paced life of ours leaves little time for self-discovery. We are surrounded by a batch of noise. The TV blares, the cell phones screams, the computer calls, and the traffic speeds bye blasting a loud sound of haste. We get caught in this vicious whirlwind and land somewhere in the future wondering, "How the hell did I get here?"

Have you ever felt this way?

I felt this way many moons ago when I was spit out by the whirlwind. I had just left the ministry work and landed in a tee shirt factory working for a chump change. It was a very depressing time in my life. I lost almost everything after leaving my plush life of a man of the cloth and was walking to work. What I found most discouraging was when people from the church would pass me as I was walking home from work. There goes David: X man of the cloth and now walking to work in his old jeans and ripped shirt. No more fancy suits, no fancy car, and no more clout. I was stuck in the rock bottom of a wilderness. Life was void of any joy.

Then one day it hit me! I snagged a transformational truth while constructing cardboard boxes.

This tee shirt factory was huge. They sold to JC Pennys, Walmart and all the major department stores. The wild thing was that it was tucked away in a small town in WV way off the beaten path. Driving through the small town gave no clue to the major tee shirt company nestled in the mountains. Over the years it grew into this amazing empire and employed a few hundred.

One day I asked a guy, "Where did this place come from?"  He told me that the owner started it in his garage and built it into a major company. It was ran by his family and he was loaded. He then described how lucky they were and he wished he would have married one of the owners daughters. The place reeked the smell of success.

While at my work station I began to ponder the fact that this guy started in his garage and built it into a major company. My Spirit then spoke something into my heart that shook me.

"One day this man had only a garage and a dream. He dreamed of building this successful tee shirt company. He knew what he wanted to do and dreamed of the staff it would take to pull it off......what you have done David is :
You (a production worker) were a part of his dream and you walked into it ! If you don't have a dream of your own you are destined to walk in another man's dream. You must learn to walk in your own dream."

Who's dream are you in?

First, let me say that jobs are not bad and work is a part of life. Many people hate their jobs and that breeds unhappiness to the highest level. To work a job does not make you a loser, or deem you less a person, or less Spiritual, or that you lack creativity. Some people are blessed with a dream of working certain job. They dream of being a Doctor, Nurse, Carpenter, Police Officer, Hair stylist, get the point, right? Their work is a vital part of their destiny and produces  fulfillment  and happiness. I have read by some teachers that to be abundant you have to be self-employed. I just don't buy into that concept and I feel it creates guilt. I never mean to intend that working your job denies you of a dream. I understand that there are people whose job is a part of their journey and they feel at peace where they are.

This post is not for them.

This post is for people who feel something missing and don't have that connection to their job. You ever feel your job is necessary evil? Do you drag out of bed; punch the clock; dread Mondays, and just tick-tock heartlessly through life? Do you wrestle with this dissatisfaction that follows you from job to each job? You feel this new job might be different, but here comes that same old feeling again. You feel trapped inside the the mindless motion where you crave expression, fulfillment and purpose.

If you feel this way it is a signal that you are not in line with your destiny. It is time for you to Walk in your own Dream!

Time to turn this inner adversity into an assignment. Ponder these steps.

1. Understand it is your quest to discover your dream. Dig deep within yourself and process your life. Time to grab a journal and go to work.

2. What are your gifts?  Talents?  Abilities?  What things bring you joy?

3. How do I take that gift and give it commercial value?  Has anyone else succeeded in my gifted area?  What did they do?  What knowledge do I need?

4. How do you get started?  How do you declare yourself in the game?  You can only start where you are......don't be ashamed of small.

5. Craft your battle plan to escape the rat race?  Head out and keep at it!

The above is your life assignment. If you feel a great dissatisfaction it is your job to heal it. It is never to late to change directions and walk in your own dream. At age 51 I just started writing and love it to the max.

Remember a job is not bad! Bring a sense of gratitude to your job. The job you have now is designed to fund your quest until you can Walk in your Dream. When your Dream grows you will be given opportunities to expand your personal freedom. The power of gratitude will transform your attitude towards your job and bring your Dream Closer.

With your Dream discovered and a sense of gratitude concerning your job, you can now understand that you are: "NOT YOUR JOB". You might work at ABC company by day and sell your Beautiful Handmade Jewelry at night through your online business.  When someone ask what you do you say,  "I am a jewelry designer, here's my card, please visit my site". When they ask if you do that full-time you say,  "I have a job a ABC company to supplement my income, but  I am a Jewelry Designer." That is who you are and how you present yourself to the world. The Dream has to be who you are and the job must dwell in the sideline of your feelings. Even if that job is 40hrs a week and your main stream of income. You now have a Dream and you are NOT YOUR JOB. Your Dream is soon to become your reality.

Today take the step to WALK IN YOUR OWN DREAM! Work on the five questions and turn your life into a sacred quest.

Remember, Personal Freedom Rocks!

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