Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Prodigal's Plight: The Ruins of Running

The Third Plight on my Path 

The next monument I face is the Ruins of Running. I see a sea of desolate structures in complete ruin from my running. I ran from many challenges. I ran from challenges in relationships, challenges in opportunities and challenges in myself. There are two types of people: Runners and Fighters...both end up on a dead in street. Runners run out of places to run and fighters run out of people to fight. Both types end up in a lonely and desolate place. Prodigals are professional runners and have ruined countless relationships, opportunities and God given abilities. What I discovered was that I was running from myself and wherever I ran, there I was.

My plight is to turn my running into resolving. 

I must resolve who I am.

If you don't know who you are then you sentence yourself to a life of poverty. Not material poverty, but Spiritual poverty. If you are broke on the inside, then you are usually broke on the outside. So if your life has poverty of relationships, joy, peace, and even money, know that it is you who created that poverty. You live inside this poverty, because you have never resolved who you are.

Once you solve who you are, you have nothing to run from, do you? You reach an inner knowing of this is who I am and I accept that. The need to run is replaced with boldness, and that boldness says that I belong. I belong at this place in time. I seek no approval from tribe, family and friends. 

This is what I am!

You can like it or leave it!

I am not running from nothing...I belong.

It all comes down to knowing who you are and being free from the opinions of others. You now face every challenge, every relationship, and everything in life knowing who you are. You begin to judge your life based upon who you are and not from what others expect from you. You understand that you didn't come to this planet to make everybody happy.

 Knowing who you are sets you free.

My promise is to be true to myself and never run from adversity. I resolve to know myself and be bold in who I am. I don't need to fight to prove myself. I don't need to run to prove myself. I just need to be who I am and be bold in my actions.   

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