Sunday, August 3, 2014

Three Parasites that Plague Purpose

 "To love yourself means to see you as God intended."

Fyodor Dostoyevsky


The Parasite of Prominence


The Parasite of Prominence promises purpose based upon position.


Does purpose only belong to the prominent?

Who pronounced that only the famous, the high-up, high flying and top dogs privatize the possession of purpose?

Who is greater? The President of a University or his uneducated parents wrestling together a life, struggling through on a dime, hard labor laced with little reward, sacrificing all, that their child would have a better education and life than they?

Please tell me who is greater?

Think about it.

The Parasite of Possessions 

The Parasite of possession promises purpose based on personal effects.


Does purpose consist only in what a person possesses? 

Who pronounced that he with the most toys wins? 

If a person needs an abundance of possessions to feel rich, does that make them awful poor on the inside? If one is poor on the inside will any amount of possessions make them feel rich? Does one feel a deep disappointment knowing there is nothing can they do to eradicate their inner poverty?

 Please tell me how much it takes?

Think about it.

The Parasite of Praise 


The Parasite of Praise promises purpose based upon the applause of people.


Can purpose be obtained through the praise and approval of people?

Who pronounced that purpose must be in tune to with the opinions of others?

If you live your entire life based upon what others expect of you how can your purpose derive authenticity or inner truthfulness? What if real purpose seeks no applause or praise? Is being  true to oneself the only way to dispense validity to ones purpose?

Please tell me what makes one real?

Think about it.

Think on these three things and don't allow the Parasites of Purpose to leech,  sponge and suck the divine purpose out of you. 

Peace out and be blessed 

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