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7 Hippie Secrets 2 Transformation

  The Summer of 1977 Was Magical


That's how I remember it, that was the year I met an Old Hippie. 


The coolest thing about him was the first hand stories of Woodstock and the next coolest thing was he let us party in his apartment. After a while he moved the conversation to what he called "The Spiritual aspects of Tripping." He said he learned this stuff through out the course of his life while hitching to Cali, living on a commune, and hitching to Woodstock were he was picked up by an old psychedelic painted school bus full of hippies. He raved on about the marches, the protest,  the free love, the music, and catching the Jimi Hendrix Experience. 

His stories were breath taking and made us wish we would have been born back then. I felt slightly robbed.

He told us that we shouldn't look at tripping as a recreational event, but as an opportunity to have a spiritual experience. He talked at length concerning the subject and was very excited that he had a handful of young pot heads to initiate into the Flower Power Experience. While I have discovered I can have a spiritual experience without tripping, some of the principles were very interesting and insightful. He blabbered on a lot and I remember seven key lessons; or I have reduced it down to seven. If I wrote all he talked about it would be 1001 lessons from a old hippie that ranted and raved non-stop.

Here's how he laid it down:

"You got to dig life, love it man. Take a hit and dig your life. Don't trip if your feeling bummer? What do people get bummed anyway? Life is a gift, we were sent here to enjoy life and dig the experience man."

The Old Hippie

Did you know there are people who live in a perpetual and continual state of bummer? They go through life so bummed and pissed off that the smallest event can hit the flip out switch. Everything is a hassle, every one's a asshole, and life is a bitter pill they have been forced to swallow. 

The secret is to dig life and live it with a sense of gratitude. 

Gratitude takes life to a magical level. Spend one week and daily take inventory of all you have to be grateful about. If your car breaks down, thank God you can walk. Fight to exercise thanksgiving even in the most difficult times. The more you become grateful for what you have, you will attract more good things in your life.

Don't go through life's trip in a bummer state...get happy. 

There's so much to explore in life. Don't sit around in a house, stick out your thumb and go somewhere just for the hell of it. Take an hit and see where it takes you.

The Old Hippie


"If you've never been to a town just hitch hike there and check it out. You never know what you will find. You might meet some cool people, you might hook up with some groovy chics, or it might suck dude; but you never know if you don't go there"....more rants from the Old Hippie

How do you expand your experience in life? When the last time you went to a different place? Read a book outside your belief system and norm? Learned a new skill, explored your creativity, or tried a new style of food? Talked to a homeless guy, introduced yourself to a stranger, or rode public transportation? Do you ever force yourself to move outside of your comfort zone?

I remember trying what he said. I took a hit and hitched hiked alone 40 miles away to a strange town. I walked around the town, walked into the stores on the main street, and I felt a newness I didn't feel in my old town. I met a couple of cute Blondie's and they thought I was crazy for hitch hiking to a strange town for no apparent reason. I headed back home and my life took on a new sense of adventure. I stuck out my thumb, headed no where, and took the ride. 

The secret of exploration expands our life and enriches our experience. We grow when we explore. 

You got to get into the music man. Music is spiritual. Concerts is how hippies have church. The music will take you to another place. Take a hit and feel the vibe.

The Old Hippie


"Can you feel the vibe on that?" That's what he always asked us? He would say, "Shut everything out man and feel the vibe of the music...let it flow through your body...feel it tingle up your spin...just don't listen to it with your ears, feel the vibe man, ain't that cool?"...more rants from the Old Hippie.

Do you ever ask, how do things feel? Are you moving through life just operating in your thinking senses? 

When was the last time you felt for the vibe? The vibe of your job? The vibe of your relationships? The vibe of where you spend your free time?

Is your life a series of good vibes, or bad vibes?

Our vibes are our inner guidance system. Bad vibes means no...Good vibes means go. It's really that simple. Have you ever had a bad vibe about something and went ahead anyway and  later discovered it was a wrong move? Everything might have appeared okay in your normal senses,  but like little bad vibe was trying to show you something. You have even said, "I shouldn't have done that, I felt something bad about it. I should have trusted my vibes." Learning to trust your vibes will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

The secret is to align your life to good vibes and move away from bad vibes. Bad vibes in people, places and things.

Listen to the words of the music, they have a message for you, it's modern day poetry. Take a hit and listen to the lyrics.

The Old Hippie

"What are these guys trying to say? What do the words mean? What are do they mean to you?
What does that tell you about life? You gotta listen to the words man, the words are deep dude.
The rocker's of this world were placed here for your inspiration....if you will listen"
...more rants from an Old Hippie.

God is sending us messages.

The artist, the musician, the poet, are products of inspiration.If you are in tune, then you will tune into what spirit has for you. It's a personal thing. You might hear a song and it hits your inspire button. Your best friend might hate it. You might be reading this thinking this Dunbar guy is full of crap and maybe took one hit too many. Yet some people I may inspire.

Look for the signs and the information will come. You will hear the right words, at the right time, and be steered in the right direction.

Look for something that inspires you and allow it to bring fresh meaning to your experience.

The secret is to allow the power of your personal delivered words to inspire you. 

Keep things clean and tidy. Make what you have cool. Don't trip in a messy environment. 

The Old Hippie

"Dude trust me, you don't want to trip in a messy place. One time I was in my apartment and it was a mess. I went on a trip and all it could see was the mess. Then it made me see the messy things in my life; my bad attitudes, my failures, and my personal messes man. I started to lose it and thought I was going to flip out. I calmed myself down and started cleaning up my place. Once I got it clean, I was able to enjoy my trip. I turned a potentially bad trip into a cool trip. I now always keep stuff neat and clean. I don't allow my life to get messy"....more rants from the Old Hippie.

Take notice of your surroundings. What are their conditions? Do you need to straighten stuff up? Do you need to clean out your closets? When you clean out your closets, you are cleaning out the closets of your mind. When you straighten stuff up, you add a clarity to your life. What if your environment is a mere symbol of the inner you? Something to think about, right? 

The secret is to keep your life in order...if your surroundings are in a mess it is a signal your inner life is in a mess.  



Were all brothers on this planet, accept one another.

The Old Hippie



He was the first white guy to tell me blacks were cool. Where I grew up in the 70's you never heard that.  He said he took a hit and went on a civil rights march and God showed him how we were all brothers on this planet and that skin color is just an illusion. He told us that,  "there's evil people and there's cool people in all makes and models."  

I listened to his advice and started befriending and partying in that side of town. I forced myself to discover the hood. I found out he was right. Some dudes I liked and developed long term friendships with and still check in on them when I'm passing through my old stomping grounds. Some of those cats I did not dig. Yet I remembered what the Old Hippie said and realized there were white people I didn't dig either. People have a bad experience with someone from another race and throw everyone in that race in the same box. If we do that we miss the boat and put ourselves in a box.

Why do we still prejudge people based upon the color of their skin? We stick people in a little box and label them according to their ethnicity. The truth is that if you can hate a man based upon his skin color alone, the jump to hating men of your own race comes easily. Hate only breeds more hate. You can't have bitter and sweet water coming from the same barrel. 

Acceptance and walking in love is your strongest path.

The secret is non-judgment and the acceptance of others expands our opportunities for quality relationships. 

We can't stop war,  but we can live in peace.  

The Old Hippie

I don't care if the whole world is at war, I'm going to live in peace. It's all cool man. You can't live your life constantly being bent out of shape man. Lighten up and let things go. It's not worth it man, life's too short to live pissed off...more rants from the Old Hippie.

If you want world peace, start being peaceful.

Project peace and love to everyone you meet. 

Try your best to live peacefully with all men. If you get a bad vibe from someone, then don't go to war with them. Just peacefully drop them off at the great bus stop of life. 

The secret is the way to make the world peaceful starts with me living in peace. How can you bitch about war and be pissed off at your neighbor. Let it go man and walk away peacefully. It not that you are's not that you are going to get along with's not that you give everyone access to your life...that's not it.

It about how you let things go...don't leave it in a state of war...just peacefully let it go.  

The sage avoids conflict and walks away.

Looking back now

So, that what I learned from an Old Hippie in the summer of 1977 and it's funny how he changed my life in my ways. I was only 15 when I met him and looking back he made an lasting impact on my journey. He turned me into being more open minded, more adventurous, more introspective, more feeling and more into doing life. He was a trip and what happened to him I will never know. One day he was packing up his old station wagon with his wife and kid. I asked him why he was leaving? He said, "Oh, you know man, this gigs up, time to check out." Where you going?" I asked. He said, "I'm going to upstate New York and do the woods thing for a while."  "Do you know anybody up there?" I said. "No man, don't know a soul, heard It was kinda groovy and laid back there." I replied, "If you don't know anybody there, then why are you going?" "Just to check it out man...I'll meet some people, some really cool people, just like you I met you... Your a cool dude man, just keep the buzz rollin', keep rockin it out, and don't let the man bring you down."

I said my good bye and he gave me a big hug and a love ya man. I watched the station wagon begin to  disappear and escape down the highway wishing I was aboard. The coolest adult I ever met was leaving my life, and it didn't seem fair. I knew I would never see the Old Hippie again. I struck a match to a Marlboro Red and watched the station wagon disappear through my exhaled smoke.

 I walked away sad.


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