Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Prodigal's Plight: The Barricade of Burnt Bridges


The Fourth Plight of my Path

The next monument I face is the Barricade of Burnt Bridges. If you are a runner you have burnt some bridges.At first I am tempted to rebuild the bridges and recapture my familiar past. Doesn't this require me to look backwards?  Do I feel a tinge of guilt in this thought form? Theses burnt bridges keep me from returning to my broken past. It seems that going back and repairing the bridge would make life easier, right? They say I should make amends, right? Does the fear of an unknown future tempt me to return to what is familiar? Isn't something familiar easier to navigate? Easier to survive? 

Trust me it ain't that easy and I have tried it a thousand times...A thousand times to many. I have burned a ton of energy rebuilding a bridge...trying to win someone over...someone who can't be won over. What I discovered was people know you burnt that damn bridge. They will make you pay a toll. They can't see you as a transformed and changed person. They see a dude with a Malta cocktail and a match to go.

There's nothing more difficult than trying to redeemed yourself.

My plight is not to rebuild bridges, but to blaze new trails.

The beauty of a burnt bridge is that I have nowhere to retreat. I must prosper or perish. 

My quest resides in the future. Making my future a blank canvas. I can now navigate my path with a clear mind and fresh understanding. I know who I am...I know what I am about. I discovered my place in a place of nothing. Resting in who I am, I have nothing to defend, no need to run. I no longer have to burn my bridges. 

So I don't burn bridges, I lovingly close chapters. Burning bridges is laced with bitterness, remorse and a need to isolate from the inner pain. Closing a chapter is to understand  I have used up the energy of a town, a relationship, a job, or have been led by the Spirit to take another path. No clarifications are required. There is no need to burn the bridge, I just close a chapter laced in love. I accept that the only thing that is permanent in my life is change. Each change starts a new chapter and intensifies my journey.

I leave my brunt bridges behind me and send them the love I once could not. If anyone from my past is destined to be in my life they will find me on my new path. Time will heal all wounds and the rekindled relationship will be built on love, acceptance and forgiveness. 

The Spiritual Warrior understands he can't reach his destiny traveling backwards through his past.

My promise is to lovingly close chapters, that makes life easier to read. 

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