Monday, October 6, 2014

The Power of Me

  The Call of the Tribe

I was raised in a very strict church with a very rigid set of taboos. We were handed what I call the list. 







Here's was some of the list:

  1. No Smoking!
  2. No Drinking!
  3. No Drugs!
  4. No Sex before marriage. (Even sex with self was forbidden)
  5. Guys: No LONG hair!
  6. Girls: Don't cut your hair...No shorts...No halter tops...No pants wearing to church...No!
  7. No Mixed bathing..that meant no going to swimming pools or public beaches! At church camp they made the boys and girls swim separated!   Yes, I'm not lying!  
  8. No dances!
  9. No Rock Music!
  10. No Movie theaters!
  11. No playing cards!
  12. No going to bars!  


Do I need to keep going?



What my narrow minded church, (God Bless Their Soul), called holiness was actually behavior modification. They used the fear of hell and painted pictures of an angry God to try to control the behavior of the tribe. They would judge and shun those who fell short of their expectations. They had us believing that God desired us to all look the same, dress the same, talk the same, and fix neatly into their little box. To be part of this tribe meant the spot light of approval would shine bright. 

Everyone was under the watch eye of the religious spirit pretending to be god! 

Looking back now I understand that they were motivated by fear...fear of what they didn't understand. 

Please excuse my choice of words, but as I got older, experienced a little of life, hit say around 33, I discovered that most of my tribe was full of "SHIT" and that was the leaders. The rest were blind sheep grazing in a pasture of self-degradation. 

I seemed to fail miserably as a young minister and could never fit into the tribal mold.After I left the ministry at age 33 and began to experience a spiritual awakening, I began to view the people who tried to impress for so long as weak and bound by a religious spirit.  

I felt robbed that I allow my seeking approval behavior to dominate and control my life.

I realized that I viewed my entire life based upon what they thought of me. After I woke up I didn't care enough about them to let them control the real me....I dropped them off at the great bus stop of life. 


The Looking Glass Self


 Charles Horton Cooley created the Social Psychological concept of the "Looking Glass Self." He taught that people shape their self-concepts and perceptions based upon what others think of them.

Do you ever feel discomfort or a sense of tension when walking into a room full of strangers, wondering what do they think of me?


I have and spent a long time seeking the approval of others. The looking glass self has 3 basic concepts. I just going to throw them out and allow you to ponder them.

1. You Imagine how you appear to others.


2. You Imagine and react to what you feel that judgment appears to be.


3. You begin to develop yourself through the judgments of others.



I used to look in the mirror and see what I though others thought of me.




The Labels We Create

You feel the label

Did you know that you can feel what people think of you?

Over time people begin to place labels on you and create your life definition...they define you. 

The reason they define you is that they sense how you feel based upon your perceptions.

You begin to wear the label

If a woman is a strong woman many label her as a bitch. She might even accept the label and turn her natural strength into bitchy behavior. She will wear the label and even begin to take pride in it. Her bumper sticker reads, "Zero to bitch in 5 seconds." 


Others begin to affirm the label

Over time people begin to affirm the label you allowed others to slap on your back. The danger is that the label is not the real you. You are not a bitch, loser, stupid, shy, liar, not-good-enough and etc.


Pulling off the Labels

To grow Spirituality and reach true self-discovery you are going to have to remove the labels others have placed on you. The process can be a challenge and requires all your personal power. Here is the methods of removing a label. Think of a jar you wanted to keep and wanted to remove the label.

Swipe and cling

You swipe off the label and some of it clings. You desire to remove the label, but fragments of it still clings to the Inner You. Circumstances of life will allow the label to emerge.


Add some abrasion

Swipe and cling doesn't work so you add some abrasion. A scouring pad is what you pick. You try to scrub off the label at the chance of scratching the glass. You become hard on yourself and your efforts are laced with shame and guilt. You might get rid of the label, but the process leaves it mark.

Soak in water


The best method is to soak your jar in warm water and after the process the label comes gently off. It's where you baptize yourself in Spirit and begin awakening to the real you. To free yourself of the labels that cover the real you requires that you align to the real and spiritual you.


The Baptism of John: the Way of the Water.


John the forerunner of Christ said that through baptism he prepared the way of the Lord. When you sink your life's jar in the Johns Baptism you are dying to your old labels. You place your jar under the water and you say, "I don't want this label anymore God", and the label is removed by power of Spirit, the power of water.
The Tao Te Ching teaches that water flows to the lowest place. To remove your label you must humble yourself and your ego to be washed by the Spirit. The ego fights and worries what others will think of it. The water is designed to drown the ego so you can emerge a free spirit.

The Baptism of John leads to the Baptism of Christ. 

The Baptism of Christ: the Way of the Divine Presence 



John said the Christ would Baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Power. Once you prepare the way of the Lord you can allow the Divine Presence to define you. You will have a new power that's not based upon the opinions of others. You make Spirit your guide and align to the Mind of walk in the way of power.

It's all about making Spirit your guide and allow the real you to emerge label free.

The Power of Me


There is a power in you! It's the real you, free from the opinions of the ego, free from seeking approval, and free from the destiny of the tribe. To live according to the demands of the tribe will sentence you to the destiny of the tribe. You actually place your life in their hands. If you dig their Destiny and that's your gig for this life, then cool. If not; then you have to remove the label and discover the power of me.

God wants me to be me.

Here are three important things about you. 

The Divine Idea

You came here with a Divine Idea in mind. You have unlimited creativity that is linked to the real you. Your quest is to discover and be a vessel where the Divine Idea can come to life.

The Divine Plan

There is a divine plan for your life. I heard of a story Wayne Dyer told where I guy came to him and said he hated being a Doctor and all his life he really wanted to be a sports announcer. Wayne said, "Then why don't you do it...start with high school games."  He replied, "I can't do that now, I decide to be a Doctor when I was 17years old."  Wayne wisely replied, "Would you go to a 17 year old kid now for career advise?"  The Doctor said, "NO!"  Dyer replied, "Isn't that what you are doing?"

Wayne went on to describe how this guys tribe, his parents, his grand parents; all decided he should be a Doctor with little input from him or his desires. Wayne told him he was never too old to change.

The Divine Pattern

You have a Divine Pattern within you that knows exactly how to bring about the Divine Idea and Plan for your life into being. I realized that this pattern works by faith and the Pattern becomes more clear the more I travel the path. We are imperfect, but are changed from glory to glory; we get more clear the longer we pursue the the Divine Idea and plan for our life. We just have to trust that Spirit knows the way. I wish I could tell you a way to see that pattern in clear understanding, but I don't feel it works that way. The adventurous thing about the Path of the Spirit is that it unfolds as you travel. The Taoist said that your destiny is like going down a don't know where it leads and you can't navigate it looking behind.

What does God want from me? I asked myself that question over and over till one day I received my answer.

God wants me to be me....nothing else. 



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