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7 Day Transformation: Reloaded

 7 Things I wanted to Attract

The longer I traveled this path I realized that my strongest way to affirm was through my feelings. I would affirm by thought, by word and by action. I discovered that my affirmations of thought, word and action would fuse together and create a feeling. I no longer just thought, spoke and acted abundant, I now felt abundant.

So I started working on Affirmations of a silent words....just a feel....a vibe.

Once I started feeling what I was affirming, the positive things in my life started resonating faster.

I came to the conclusion after getting rid of all my stuff, that I shouldn't use this power to attract mere material things. Not that having things is un-holy or sinful, but I sensed there was a higher goal to my path. I wanted to attract Spiritual attributes that would shine a deeper meaning into my experience. 

Many moons ago I used this inner power to attract the house in the burbs, the new cars and the white picket fence. To be honest all the stuff made me a little soft and the inner hunger left my game. I became real comfortable and my life became boring.

I wondered why I did it all?

Then one day I got drastic and sold, gave. or threw away every material possession I had and headed off the grid for a while....bumming around Fl....I dig beaches.

I then had some life transforming experiences and rediscovered my power. A re-awakening.

I decided what I wanted to attract into my life.

  1. Peace
  2. Calm
  3. Gratitude
  4. Goodness
  5. Strength
  6. Healing
  7. Love

What good is it to attract the whole world and never find revival for the soul?


As you travel through life begin to read people and ask how many reflect and feel peace?

How many radiate a peace?

Try this in a long line at Walmart and sense the frustration most people carry?

Do you want to live like this?

Tossed on a sea of emotion?

Start to project peace....when you are stuck somewhere and begin to feel that inner anxiety and discomfort...then start to feel peaceful...say quietly to yourself that "I am at Peace" and project peace to all around you.

What if I told you that after around one year of projecting peace my soul-mate and I can enter a stressful a jammed packed Walmart line....start silently projecting peace and our energy can calm the line down?

The longer you stay at it and stronger you get, the anxious spirits don't bother you anymore and you also calm and heal the negativity around you.


How calm do feel right now?

Does the worries of life make you nervous?

You don't have to worry, God has your back right? Easy to believe...hard to practice.

So when you get nervous....cast all your cares on God in silent prayer and say...I am Calm.

What about your anger?

If you are angry you lost something right?

Loss respect? Loss possessions? Loss Time? Loss Money? Loss Opportunity?

You can only lose if you feel you have something to lose!

Agree to lose.....remain calm....stand back don't react....anger robs you of your calm.

What you want to project is a total sense of can't react to emotion.

 Remind yourself that everything is going to be okay.

I try to picture myself by a calm lake and the waves are crashing on the rock I'm sitting on....with each crash I feel myself getting calmer and calmer.

I can affirm with my feelings that I am calm.

The more you radiate calm the more people will be attracted to your energy. 

They will begin to respond to the calm you carry around on the inside...and those you desire to remain of a negative spirit will be repelled from your life.


If you haven't read the book, "The Rhonda Byrne" you should. It has a 28 day program to teach you the Magic of gratitude.
I went through it and it transformed my life.

You have to expand your mind to acknowledge all the things around you that is such a blessing that we often forget.

The Magic will open you up to gratitude in ways you cannot imagine....I never understood how much I had to be thank about. The book was sent to me at a very trying time in my life...I can say this book turned me around.

That the beauty of this journey....when we become open to information it is brought to us, right?

The more you focus on gratitude the world of positive possibilities open up in your spirit and this world changes from the shit hole we thought it was....we begin to step outside of the Maya of this world and into the light of God's grace.


Remember do good unto others?

This world is full of greed, hate and selfishness. It's refreshing when you hear of someone offering an random act of kindness, isn't it?

The Warrior of Light job is to project a special goodness to the planet....though that act they bring a healing to the planet.

Negative souls and nasty spirits conspire to drag us down...they try to feed us a steady diet of drama and disease.

Many souls have the disease of never being able to be at ease.

Today spread a feeling of goodness. Offer up random acts of kindness and bring a special light to the world. People will begin to feel that good nature inside of you and it will bring a refreshing vibe to their Spirit.


How strong do you feel?

When faced with difficult times do you turn warrior or wimp?

We have a lot of wimpy people running around the planet....they moan, they wine and nothing seems to make them happy. They will overlook all the goods things in life to discover something to bitch about.

Face life as a a victor...rise up and be strong.

Stand strong and bold knowing that you belong.

Now transfer that strength to others when your travel through your life. 

Police your life and make sure your thoughts, words, actions and feelings are full of faith and power. Silently say to yourself, "I AM STRONG", know that you have made it this far in life and be ready to face what comes your way.


When is the last time you saw an action move? Did you notice one of the abilities of the action hero is that he can HURT people?

The ability to HURT someone makes the action hero great.

If you really want to be great learn how to HEAL instead of HURT.

Project healing in your feelings to others.

Project healing with your positive words and deeds.

Project healing through silent prayer when you notice someone is hurting or in pain. Just silently project thoughts of healing and comfort....bring a peace to the planet.

Project healing by praying for others one-on-one. I can't count how many times I have stopped and said a prayer on the street for an addict, a hooker, or a homeless guy. I just ask, "can I say a little prayer for you?" I used to think that praying for them changed them, but what I was really doing was changing me.

Every hurt you have been through and have overcome is an opportunity to heal. The fact that you beat what you were facing makes you a healer. Jesus said to go lay hands on the sick and they shall go out and touch people and you can bring a healing to the planet.

Today go out and decide to project healing....if you want to be on God's team, then you got to get into the healing business.


Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

The question is do you love yourself?

Can you look in the mirror and say I love you?

Love your neighbor as yourself.....first you love you...first you accept you...first you forgive you.

How can we love each other if we don't love us? When I see a hateful bitchy soul I know I am in front of a person that hates who they are deep down inside....that's why I have learned to reject the negative energy they project to me and focus on walking in love.

So make a list: what do you love about your life?

What do you love about where you live?

What do you love about your job?

Look around until you can find something to love.

Now begin to project love to everyone you meet. Offer a smile, a hello and project love to them and give them a big God Bless you.

Love is the only thing that can free our planet from fear.

Wars...hate...violence...control....greed....are all manifestations of fear.

Perfect love will cast out all fear!

Maybe we can't change the world, but we can change the world one person at a time.

Project love and make a difference.

The Mission

My mission began because I wanted to feel free in my inner life. So I made a list of these 7 things I wanted in my life. I would then take a day and focus on the topic of the day. What happened was that over time the 7 things began to fuse together in my feelings. After about 3 months I begin to feel like a shield of energy was around me....creating like a circle around my being and deflecting the negativity around me.

One day I received a conformation. A lady in our hood told my wife she was so glad she met us. She said, "I used to see your husband walking down the road...he seemed so peaceful and calm...he would walk by and wave and say hi....I just felt this peace coming from him.....then I meet you and your so calm and giving and loving...I told my people after I got to know ya...that them there are some damn good people."

What flipped me out was that she felt peaceful and calm around me and she came into my life around the end of my 3 month experience with the 7 things. So this project my feelings thing worked and people really do feel us.

The big thing that happened was it changed me.

I went from anxious to calm.

I went from fear to love.

I went from wimp to warrior.

I became love in a world of hate.

Peace out and be blessed. 

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